Ex-Sony Developer Announces Hokko Life, an Animal Crossing-Like Sim Game for PC

Greysun writes: Robert Tat (Wonderscope AB) has announced a new life sim game that will be coming to Steam sometime in 2020.

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-Foxtrot622d ago

That customisation...the fact you can literally pick up objects outside and reshape your town the way you want, that's what I've wanted to see in Animal Crossing for so long.

Xaevi622d ago

That like/dislike ratio tells me this got the fanboys knickers in a knot smh. It does look nice though, customization looks like you'll have some freedom to make IT your own.

TeamIcoFan622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

If you listen closely, you can just faintly hear the nintendo lawyers moan as they jizz themselves over the prospect of another C&D and/or lawsuit.

Tross622d ago

Whoa! It's like someone knows what the best aspects of Animal Crossing are, as well as where it has room to improve, improved what needed to be and left what worked alone. I love the art too. It's a nice clean art style with some decent visual fidelity that's original, but retains the cartoony nature of Animal Crossing's art style. Actually, the player characters look even better IMHO. The animals look a bit less anthropomorphized but I'm ok with that.