Article : A Brief History of the Console and the Future of Gaming

SG: "Karl Dwyer gives a history lesson on the gaming console, how it's evolved, and explains the technology behind where gaming is headed in the future"

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darthv7251d ago

I always find it fascinating when someone from EU / UK talk about 'the crash' as if it happened to them as well. That was a North American thing. Over there in EU / UK they were not affected (anywhere close to the same extent) and even had a wider variety of platforms to support that included personal computers from Amstrad and Sinclair (to name a couple).

Lon3wolf50d ago

So USA did not have Commodore and Atari computers only Atari VCS systems?

darthv7250d ago

Sure, but in EU they had those and more. And PC's werent effected by the crash either.

T1125P49d ago

First console to use carts. Fairchild Channel F