Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Sold Over 1.5 Million Copies In Its First Week

Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball action RPG is selling about as well as most would have expected.

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TheOptimist290d ago

Pretty mediocre game tho.... FighterZ was so much better.... The art style, animations and mechanics were 10/10. Music was solid and there was no shitty open world tropes. And the story was half decent for a DBZ game.

CorndogBurglar290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

It's really hard to compare Kakarot to Fighterz. They are two completely different games that don't even have the same type of fighting in them.

Having sad that, Kakarot is definitely a mediocre game at best, and if it wasn't a DBZ game I would probably not like it at all. The RPG elements are almost non-existent and certainly not needed. All you do is upgrade your powers, which you can only do once they unlock anyway, so it's basically like you can only upgrade them as the story progresses. Side missions are torturous and also only open up as the story progresses. And worse of all, the fighting system is a shell of the greatness that was once the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

It's really said that ever since Tenkaichi 2 and 3 came and went, that no other 3D DBZ fighting system has been able to capture that magic. Even the Xenoverse games felt like they were missing something. I'm not sure why they can't copy that old fight system into the new games. It seems like it would be such an easy thing to do.

290d ago
Teflon02290d ago

It's because when you played it. Objectively Xenoverse plays better than all those BT games. it's like B3, people praised it as being the best until it was rereleased and ppl realized it really wasn't that good

FPSRUSSIA290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

1.5 in its first week that's amazing what a Great Game just bought its Season pass

ShadowWolf712290d ago

I'm still waiting for them to reveal what's in the Pass before I shell out money for it tbh.

KnightNumber86290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

A lot of comments I have read were about not wanting to play through the story for the 10th time... Personally, I missed out on the last few titles due to raising the kids. Now, for the most part, they are self sufficient and I am going through it. It has its flaws, what game doesn’t... but I think it’s great! I’m just glad I didn’t see a price drop a week after I bought it.

CorndogBurglar290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

I actually don't mind doing the story again. It's always fun playing through it in a new game.

For me it's just way too simplistic. You can literally skip everything the open world has to offer. I've only been doing the main story (obviously), and the side missions. Also training to unlock more powers. But there's nothing else of importance.

From doing the story and side missions, you get more than enough orbs and materials to level all your stuff up for all of your characters. There's seriously no reason at all to fly around and collect Z-Orbs. (Except the 1 or 2 times you might not have enough D-Orbs to upgrade something. But it's more like a hassle to go find those when you have an abundance of everything else) As the story progresses it automatically raises your characters' levels to be on the same level as the enemies you are fighting for that piece of the story, so there's literally no reason to explore and grind, or go out of your way whatsoever to make sure your characters are strong enough.

It's all just way too hand-holdy and simplified. If some of the missions didn't require driving, fishing, and cooking, there would be absolutely no reason at all to do any of it. Mostly because, again, you just get bumped up in level every time the story moves forward. Sometimes characters go up 10 levels at once. Its silly.

The fighting system is pretty brain dead too. Every character plays exactly the same and it's so extremely simple that there's never any reason to need health items or anything during fights. Which, in turn, makes the shops and buying/selling of items totally pointless.

If it wasn't a DBZ game I would have zero reason to play it and it would be getting totally destroyed by anyone that reviews it for being a completely simplistic and bare bones attempt at making an RPG game.

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