Crackdown: l'Explosion Fantastique

A rather funny video of an awesome explosion in Crackdown which involves a great number of vehicles!

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FirstknighT4305d ago

Hell Yeah! Good stuff! I love the demo! Cant wait for some co-op action on the full version! Another million seller for the 360! CHA-CHING!

DC RID3R4305d ago

Crackdown is by NO means a serious game, but by just messing around in the game, you can spend some serious time on a body-count crusade!


Dusk4305d ago

Well Crackdown gets the honors of being the first game where you could do that, with the exception of maybe Burnout. I like how it not only rained cars and car parts, but then the street traffic just lazily drove through the carnage, dodging the car bits.

JPomper4305d ago

This game is going to kick so much ass just for being able to mess around for hours on end.

It makes me wish the game kept track of everything you did, from kill count to speeds traveled, etc.