Metal Gear Online MEME Expansion Dated

Konami shared today a final release date of November 25 for the Japanese version of MEME Expansion. It also announced a combo pack combining MEME with its predecessor GENE Expansion.

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Johnny Cullen3623d ago

I really hope this combo pack comes to the PSN too, I can't buy anything off the MGO shop =(

thor3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Does anyone actually still play MGO?

Even when it had just launched, only 2 of the lobbies were ever full...

Jotenks3623d ago

I'm wondering the same thing I haven't touched MGS4 in about 2 months yet (Though I am thinking of going back and playing through the story once the holiday approaches after my classes are all said and done).

With all that said I think many people were playing the game mostly instead of MGO. Though for those that were playing MGO at the time it came out (Myself included) we either A. wanted to play MGO more or B. Played through as much of the story as we wanted and simply jumped into MGO.

Either way I don't even know if anyone still plays, but the thing is at least they are still paying attention to the game.

Johnny Cullen3623d ago

There is still a fair amount of people on MGO on lobbys like Otacon or Rosemary.

The only problems is that MGO has not only because a lagfest but also full of cheaters and campers.

Jotenks3623d ago

So it's still going strong a bit, that's refreshing to hear gives those who want to come back people to play against. Also I suppose any game that is online and PvP orientated is subject to those that cheat and camp their way. Lag...I knew that wouldn't go away..

thor3622d ago

I don't know how Konami were even ALLOWED to set up their own seperate system for MGO. If it were on PSN, with dedicated servers, I believe a LOT more people would play. Most probably couldn't be bothered to go through the sign-up process. Also, many people probably couldn't be bothered with the store they'd set up - Konami made a colossal error of judgement; they thought they could get more money by setting up their own system, limiting the number of characters to one per console, charging for extras, but in fact it's just turned a lot of people off the game - they would have had a much smoother game with more people playing if it were on PSN.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)



- 本商品はオンライン専用商品です。
- PS3『メタルギア ソリッド 4 ガンズ・オブ・ザ・パトリオット(以下MGS4)』に収録されて いる、『メタルギア オンライン』スターターパックと同内容となります。
-『メタルギアオンライン』スターターパックで作成したプレイ ヤーキャラは 本商品にも引き継がれます。

『メタルギア ソリッド 4』の世界観と操作感覚がオンライン対戦で新たな魅力を放つ!

- 最大16人でのチーム戦や個人戦が可能。位置や状態などの情報を チームで共有する「SOPシステム」、チャットやプリセット無線 な どでの仲間との連携が、戦いを盛り上げる。

- 操作の基本を学べるトレーニングモード、同レベルのプレイヤーと のオートマッチング機能、先輩プレイヤーから指導を受けられる教 官 指導など様々な安心機能を搭載。

pp3622d ago

Nah i'm waiting for the Ultimate Stealth Game Splinter Cell Conviction.

San anto3622d ago

played l4d on pc would rather play r2 coop or nazi zombie cod

dragunrising3622d ago

Could Konami perhaps patch the game so there is no longer a Konami login system. I really wanted to like MGO. It looks great, plays as as good as Socom (in my opinion), and IS Metal Gear 4 online. Perhaps they will learn their lesson when Metal Gear 5 comes out.

Milky Joe3622d ago

What's wrong with getting a Konami ID? It's not exactly difficult.

paskowitz3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

your comments are usually one sided but this time there is no argument Konami dropped the ball. They had the opportunity to release a killer online game to rival the competition and they failed. The community was there, the game itself was there (MGO is really fun when it works) and I bet the support from Sony was there.

If they do somehow convert MGO to the PSN then there is hope. But it is likely that everyone's stats would be erased. MGO could have been so much more on the PSN. They still could have a MGO website and MGO shop. Just have be linked to you PSN and have an MGO section of the PS Store.

Tell me that would not make waves. But no Konami had rake up as much cash as possible. In the end they got screwed because very few people want to put up with their stupid way of doing things. That being said I am still going to get the bundle.

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