Millennials Pick PlayStation As Their Favorite Brand, Gen Z Picks Xbox

According to a new survey, millennials have a "connection" to PlayStation while Gen Z feels the same about Xbox. Why the split?

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darthv72289d ago

Im gen x and I pick both. Well... all three. MS, Sony & Nintendo.

Eonjay288d ago

You know most people my age don't even realize that we are in the group called millennials. They put so much negativity into being one but the are just trying to get us to hate ourselves.

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fathertime4464288d ago

That's because almost all millenials are selfish no nothing brats that should have been spanked instead of catered to like the rest of us. Jus saying, no dig on you

SyntheticForm289d ago

Yep - same.

Nintendo on occasion.

starchild288d ago

I'm Gen X too and I will play on anything. Picking a single box and defending it as if your life depended on it seems very irrational and bizarre behavior to me. It's natural to have a preference, but it's ridiculous to think that your preference has to apply to everyone.

Juusterey288d ago

sure is good those people are extremely rare

AnubisG288d ago

Good for you. Not everyonw has the time or the money for all 3 so most people have to choose one.

CorndogBurglar288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

That's fine. But that doesn't mean people have to only praise the one they chose and trash talk everything else...

AnubisG288d ago (Edited 288d ago )


That is true but when you choose a console and spend your hard earned cash on it and you are so happy that you get to play games finally and than go online and see assholes shitting on your console of choice than you will become a little defensive. It's human nature.

You made a choice that you think was right and it is brought into question by a good portion of gamers for whatever reason. You naturally become someone who defends that system not because you blindly follow that company but because your decision making was question and no one likes that.

This pretty much happened to me. I used to not care about what system I was playing on. I used to own a PS2, Dreamcast, Xbox and PC. Than the PS3 gen came around and I waited 2 days in line (never doing that again) to get it and once I got it, for years online all I heard was how shitty the PS3 is and the Xbox 360 is way superior. So yeah, I became defensive and I'm not the only one.

In many occasions, even when I went to gamestop I was told to tarde that "trash" or "shit" in for a real console (xbox360).

CorndogBurglar288d ago

Oh, I definitely understand that man. And it's fine to defend whatever console you like. Nothing wrong with that at all. Because at the end of the day they all have their strengths and weaknesses. If you like your console that's all that matters.

But defending your console of choice isn't the same as bad mouthing consoles you didn't buy, you know? I just don't understand the whole idea of that. "My console is the best and the others suck" mentality is weird.

starchild288d ago

This reminds me of the political differences found between millennials, which tend to be leftists/socialists/big government advocates, and generation Z, which tend to be more in favor of free market economics, individualism, meritocracy and limited government.

extermin8or287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Wtf has that got todo with anything. Centre Right wing conservative here (UK) yet I'm playstation first and foremost for a long time. For a fee simple reasons but primarily the exclusives and the wider range of genres they are part of. Same goes for any of my friends with similar political views.... so...

343_Guilty_Spark288d ago

Gen X has always been the sort of middle of the road centrist gen

Sieden288d ago Show
CaptainHenry916288d ago

I would pick Nintendo and Sony for consoles and Microsoft for gamepass which I can play on PC

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SickSinceSix289d ago

I can never take these surveys seriously, as it's always a small amount surveyed compared to the amount of gamers out there.

Fluttershy77289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

Then you don't understand how a survey works. It uses around 1100-1300 people as a sample, any more than that the survey becomes more and more imprecise... The "amount" of gamers don't matter, what matter is that you take a varied sample of your universe.
There's a way more precise method: the census, but it is completely impractical, you need to question almost the entire population of your universe. Now, you don't want to expend that kind of money in something this silly, you do it for the real stuff: access to health care, family income, education, etc

Rude-ro289d ago

It’s used for marketing and surveys can be made to say anything you want it to.
Any other beliefs is a moron staring at the snake oil sales man with hearts in their eyes and their soul in their hands.

livedeht289d ago

Apparently fluttershy doesn't know how averages work SMH.

calactyte289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

The amount DOES matter. There is no such thing has having too much data but having too little relative to the size of the total audience does definitely have an impact.

You must gather the data from your sample size relative to the predictive size of the total market and then you only know if you have enough participants if the data gathered passes a T-test for statistical significance. How many gamers are there that own each of the three consoles? So Nintendo: 50M + Xbox: 60M + PS4: 110M so a total of 220M. You must question about 5% of that total to get any kind of accurate answer. So about 11M participants. Yeah 1100 people questioned isn't going to be very accurate.

DonkeyWalrus289d ago

Your understanding of statistics is unfortunately incorrect. If it truly worked the way you have described, then almost no surveys would be useful at all. Surveying 11 million people is totally impractical and completely unnecessary.

There is a point at which increasing your sample size has virtually no impact on survey accuracy. Sample size is determined by many factors aside from just the population size. In fact, population size really doesn't factor in much at all. You certainly don't need to sample 5% to have an accurate survey. What's more important is the survey method being unbiased to ensure the individuals who are sampled are chosen totally at random. The sample size would be determined by other values like your confidence level and margin of error.

For example if you wanted to conduct a survey with a 99% confidence level and a margin of error of +/- 5%, your sample size need only be ~650-700 people. That will work whether the total population is 20,000 or 200,000,000 as long as your sample is random. The T-test you mention comes into play after you've already gathered the data and determined whether it has a normal distribution.

So 1100 sample size is a perfectly fine amount if they used a proper sampling method.

Tross289d ago (Edited 289d ago )

The methods used are also just as important as the sampling frame. In fact, voluntary response surveys are notorious in the statistics community for being the most prone to biases such as non-response bias. I would say the sampling frame for this particular survey is fine.

One more thing to note though is it's very rare for an academic research team to just conduct one study and call it a day, but you see it all the time with these videogame-related surveys. Conducting one study is fine if you build on other similar studies conducted by comparing and contrasting your results with those ones. However, even the most well-thought out quantitative studies could come up with results that would be an outlier when compared to results of other studies. Hence, if there's the budget for it then multiple surveys are often conducted to increase certainty that the data collected is reliable.

Sony360288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

How does more data make it more imprecise?

The bullshit some of you people talk..

nitus10288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Look at a tertiary book or take a course on statistics and you will see that the smaller the sample size the greater the uncertainty becomes. It is also possible to skew results especially if there is a "biased" sample such as say 10% in the 12 to 16-year group, 40% in the 17 to 30-year group, 30% in the 31 to 50-year group and 20% for the rest.

A simpler way would be to look at the total purchase of each game console (the PS4 leads the XB1 by over 2 to 1) as well as the number of games and their genres for each console. Of course, that won't show you the age demographics unless you actually ask people to answer a questionnaire and that brings up privacy concerns.

CorndogBurglar288d ago

The more important part of this kind of survey isn't the numbers. It's the test population.

For instance, considering how successful Playstation has been every single generation, and the fact that Xbox has NEVER beaten them, it seems likely that this survey was only done in the U.S.

Especially since Asia has a huge population and almost none of them play Xbox.

Juusterey288d ago

" It uses around 1100-1300 people as a sample, any more than that the survey becomes more and more imprecise"
"The amount doens't matter"
which is it?

RacerX288d ago

People never agree with surveys that post results they don't like....

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Rimeskeem289d ago

Where can I find the methodology used and all that?

Cause it can't find it and that usually means there was weak internal validity.

Gardenia288d ago

Must be in the US, because outside no one would choose an Xbox.

fathertime4464288d ago

Tell that to my British friends on live

Rimeskeem288d ago


That is anecdotal evidence which does not at all show statistically significant evidence that British people prefer Xbox. Sales of each console would likely be the best way of knowing and that data has been around for a while.

Atom666289d ago

I appreciate that both groups of fanboys will be offended by these results.

rainslacker288d ago

Stupid gen z'ers. Wonder what Gen Y thinks. Are they switch?

rainslacker288d ago

Is there an actual gen y?

Also, my comment was a joke. People need to lighten up a bit...not you, just those hitting disagrees.

rainslacker288d ago

I dunno. I got tired of keeping up with who was who, and classifying an entire decade or two of people in a way that implies they're all of one hive mind.

strayanalog288d ago

Speaking as a person who prods every now and again just to get a sense of our N4G community, because, you know, science; joke or not, people are still way too serious and far too quick to jump to conclusions for this sort of joke (we are getting better). Not that it means anything, but I appreciated your comment.

rainslacker288d ago

No biggie, but I appreciate the sentiment. Sometimes it's just good to laugh about stuff sometimes, but a lot of people seek to think everything is an attack.

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Futureshark289d ago

usual Forbes clickbait bollox

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