DBPG: Toejam & Earl Review (Sega Genesis)

Just pick up a Sega Genesis Mini but not familiar with the games?  Let our review clue you in on one of the most unique games from the 16 bit era. This rogue like combines early 90's hip hop with infinitely replayable gameplay to give you an experience that is one of a kind. This is not for everyone though, as the walking simulator aspects can make for a long winded and frustrating experience. In a lot of ways it can be a love it or hate it game. Want to know more?

Please check out the link below for our score breakdown and full video review.

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TheRealTedCruz184d ago

One of my all time favorites. Put so much time into this game co-op with friends.

DBPG184d ago

So much fun with a friend, really speeds the whole process up too