Variety: Mirror's Edge Review

The thrill of the chase loses all its appeal in Electronic Arts' Parkour-inspired "Mirror's Edge." Repetitive, difficult and visually dull, the game is undone by its use of a highly constrained first person viewpoint in a world of high-speed running and jumping where perspective is everything. Though it deserves some credit for originality, "Mirror's Edge" is too fundamentally misconceived to avoid tumbling down the sales charts.

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caladbolg7773621d ago

IMO, if this is a MUST-BUY for you, pick up Mirror's Edge for PC in January. On console, the game too heavily relies on the trigger buttons. This feels like a title that deserves WASD + mouse controls. As an added perk, you save a few bucks this holiday season and you allow the positive/negative hype to die down before making an educated decision.