Sony Seems to Be Unifying PlayStation Store Sale Themes Across Regions

Sony’s various regional branches have historically acted largely independently but beginning last year PlayStation has been attempting to unify its divisions. We saw an example of this in a recent marketing campaign, which was consistent across the entire globe, but emphasised different brands depending on the region.

And now we’re beginning to see sale themes mirrored across the United States and Europe. Historically, each territory has run its own promotions, but this week both the Critically Acclaimed and Retro & Remasters sales launched at the exact same time. While there are differences between the software on sale, the themes are consistent across each region.

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blackblades289d ago

Would still love to buy things from other regions from my main account with US money.

AnubisG289d ago

You can but you have to go to places like playasia for example.

rainslacker289d ago

I think one reason they don't allow that on the US storefront is due to licensing issues that may exist between regions. Like some stuff is allowed to be published and sold in Japan, or Asia, but not by that same company in the US. Of course, they could do it where they can let the publishers restrict games from particular regions if they want. I think a lot of publishers know that there are people who like imports, so why not profit from them at what would be a more reasonable price than going through an import company like PlayAsia. Prices would be in the local currency, and they could just convert it to US money on the store. I'd imagine if they did something, if a game was available in a certain region, it'd lock out other region's versions.

FinalFantasyFanatic289d ago

This, this is why we can now get games like Super Robot Wars as an Asia English version whereas before to localized it in the US/UK/AUS would have been a licensing nightmare for any company to attempt. Now people can just easily important it if they want and still be able to understand the story.

badz149289d ago

you just need friends from those regions to make the process quicker. someone you can trust

RememberThe357289d ago

Seems like they had it right to begin with. Different regions have different tendency and taste. Seems like it was good thing to have more specific and targeted approach for those regions.

PhoenixUp289d ago

Hopefully this leads to being able to access other region store’s content with the same account