Digital Deals: Dead Island Definitive ($2.49), Doom ($4), Horizon Zero Dawn ($3.89)

If you don’t mind a digital download, you can get three big-name games for cheap. The bargains include Grand Theft Auto V: Online Premium Edition, Doom (2016), and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. There are also steep discounts on Agents of Mayhem, Dead Island Definitive Edition, and Hitman: GOTY.

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Immagaiden427d ago

Nobody has an excuse not to play Horizon at that price

darthv72426d ago

Who doesn't like a good digital deal?

JEECE426d ago

Hey, I'd much rather buy a physical copy for 20 so I can get 10 out of it later. This digital copy will be worthless.

darthv72426d ago

considering I dont sell or trade my games... the only ones who think this is worthless would be my kids. Since they wont be getting a huge payday from selling my stuff when i die.

FallenAngel1984426d ago

Instead of getting it at $3.89 you’d rathe pay a lot at $20 more just to resell it? Who’s going to give you $10 for this? Gamestop will give you $6.16 cash and $7.70 store credit.

The game often goes on sale for $10 anyway so good luck finding a buyer who doesn’t get this game at a cheaper price themselves

refocusedman426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

So let me get this straight........ you would rather pay 20 dollars for a game that you can get for 4 dollars. In order to possibly receive 10 dollars in the future. 🤔🤔🤔 I dont know, but the math doesnt really add up in your favor. 20-10=10 vs 4 😐

JEECE426d ago

I'm glad the arguments against digital on here have gotten so stupid that people are taking my comment seriously.

Vithar425d ago

LOL what kind of Math is that

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