Why a PS5 Sequel for The Order: 1886 Makes Perfect Sense

Fans are craving for a sequel to Ready At Dawn’s diamond in the rough- here’s why we think it’s time we got one.

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_SilverHawk_457d ago

It's an amazing game where the biggest complaint was it seeming too short to finish. I think the game is amazing exactly like it is and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I hope there is a sequel to the game on ps5

VerminSC456d ago

Same I seriously don’t understand the hate. Games like fallout 4 have a high 80 and the order has 60s???

roadkillers456d ago

The game lasted 5 hours... with cutscenes. That’s shorter than CoD campaigns and they have multiplayer. This game should have released at 20

SyntheticForm456d ago

I don't hate it but I don't think it's incredible or amazing either. It's just good.

The setting and atmosphere are very well executed, and the visuals are no doubt impressive. The weaponry is fun and satisfying, especially that Triple Crown Coach Gun. You've got legs, do you? Not anymore.

The problem is that it's mostly basic, generic feeling third-person cover shooting. More flash than fun ultimately. Still, I wouldn't mind a sequel, as there's a lot of potential in this world.

specialguest456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

It's not an amazing game. It's fair to say it's a good game. Amazing should only be used sparingly like for games that deserves it (example: Naughty Dogs games)

Very short actual gameplay, dumb boss AI, letterbox resolution with the excuse of... "it's for cinematic effects" when in reality they had to do that due to hardware limitations

NecrumOddBoy456d ago

The Order 1886 had some of the best writing this gen. The game had a few major issues: pop target cover fights (dumb AI, too easy), short and linear with poor navigation (you progressed to easy and missed things), and no real collectible UI worth looking into. That set it back but the story, characters, music, acting, guns, deaths, and the world itself was 10/10 for me. I think this game needs a sequel with a wide-linear approach like UC4/TLOU. The foundation is there; the team just needs to focus and bring in the talent to perfect the core of the gameplay. I really think a sequel could be worthy of a GOTY nod if they can just nail it this time.

TheRealTedCruz456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Pros was the gunplay, visuals, writing, and the universe.
Negatives were length, quick time events, pacing, and the weak/monitonous werewolf sections.

Comparing it to Fallout 4 doesn't make much sense, considering Fallout 4 knew what it wanted to be, and delivered it fairly well, with potentially hundreds of hours under the hood; even if it isn't necessarily a good Fallout game in and of itself. 1886 offered about 6 hours of content, and still had pacing issues.

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nucky64456d ago

i love the story and the cliffhanger ending is begging for part2.

Gazondaily455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

Yep. Its biggest complaint was that it was too short? Pretty sure it was because it was a terrible game.

AnubisG456d ago

I really enjoyed this game. Yes, it had issues. The bosses were exactly the same. QTEs were there and the game was short but I loved the the cover based shooting, the setting and rhe story was great too.

Kosic456d ago

I disliked the game for its corridor shooter.
Story > corridor > waves of enemies > repeat for 5 hours.
I only paid about £6 for it, so I wasn't so disheartened, but this wasn't anything amazing.

KillBill456d ago

Farthest from the biggest complaint on the game. The Kotaku review of the game was actually pretty accurate as to why people that didn't like it felt.

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lifeisgamesok457d ago

I love The Order 1886. Give me a sequel with more thermite rifle and arc rifle and just make it longer

GaboonViper456d ago

I loved this game and funnily enough i am playing it right now, would love a sequel, make the game longer, more cryptid enemies and tighting up the gunplay and it would be epic.

Blu3_Berry456d ago

Well you can thank everybody who was overly harsh on it and ripped it to shreds for why we may never get a sequel.

Silly Mammo456d ago

It had some shortcomings, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the critics were making it to be. Certainly, not for a new IP which most issues could easily be addressed in a sequel.

sampsonon456d ago

Not in this case. Console wars aren't a good time to introduce a new IP.
Only after a few yrs can a new IP succeed, most times anyway.

Luckily for me i could careless what other people think about games.
Meaning, if it catches my attention, i will try it.
Playing this game at night relaxed in front of a nice tv with surround sound was a great experience.
Want the Sequel because the story was amazing IMO.

lifeisgamesok456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Don't lose hope bro, it was profitable and Sony hasn't forgotten about it. Just last year Sony gave some crafted The Order 1886 souvenirs to Ready At Dawn

Blu3_Berry456d ago

I would really love to see a sequel, it just sucks that the game got so much hate when it released.

lifeisgamesok456d ago

@Blu3_Berry Me too bro and I'm ashamed to say that I was one of the detractors of The Order 1886 when it released :( I hadn't even played it back then

When I finally played it in 2017 I was almost shocked at how good it was

TK-66456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Except you cant actually defend that statement. The game is a prime example of what makes a terrible AAA game. It's why there isnt one person in this thread going in depth on what made the game so good and undeserving of the criticism.

lifeisgamesok456d ago

We can give you reasons on why The Order 1886 is good but you'll just reply back why those things are "wrong" or don't count...

TK-66456d ago (Edited 456d ago )


So your argument is basically that you could tell me why the game is good, but you won't because I might disagree?

So that's one response and it looks like we're off to a shaky start. 1886 fans still can't defend their beloved jewel of the bargain bin.

gangsta_red455d ago

And maybe the reason it was ripped to shreds was because it wasn't a good game.

I've noticed bad games seem to get mostly harsh reviews while good games get get the majority of great reviews.

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