Dragon Ball FighterZ Producer Reveals New Features and Changes Coming With Season 3

During the first day of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour finals in Paris, Producer Tomoko Hiroki announced changes coming with the game's Season 3.

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Interloper707d ago

I need to get back into this game. :)

likapes344706d ago

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707d ago
SegaGamer706d ago

Here comes another overpriced season pass for a fighting game. This genre has been butchered.

Abriael706d ago

yeah, it's totally better for games to last a year instead of selling season passes with new characters that add value to the initial purchase and let people enjoy a game they like for longer with an active community.

My, what a butchery. 😂

NukeDaHippies706d ago

I think he's wrong too. But, Granblue versus with 10 characters with 6 coming 2 months later is upsetting. I'm really hoping guilty gear gives a good roster before asking to pay more for dlc, like DBFZ did.

SegaGamer706d ago

Where did I say they should stop supporting the game after a year?

Why not add it to the original season pass? The first season pass cost £29.99, and for what you got, it was a massive rip off. The same goes with the second season pass which cost £19.99. The third season pass will probably cost something similar. The base game, music packs, season passes, this game easily costs over £100 for the complete edition. To get it all, it's probably close to £150. No way should any game cost this amount.

No other genre would get away with this greed, so why are fighting games always let off?

Abriael706d ago

"Why not add it to the original season pass?"

Because a season pass lasts a season, not 20.

Developers don't work for three years for free. Nor they should.

"No way should any game cost this amount."

Then don't buy it. No one forces you. Quite obviously, many others are fine with it. You're not the one who decides what should cost what. The market does, and the market disagrees with you.

AnubisG706d ago

In a way, gertting new chatacters in fighting games is a good thing to keep a game alive. However, many times these are way overpriced.

Now, I don't buy fighting games om day one anymore because to me they are incomplete. I wait until all characters are released and they release an ultimate edition and than I buy it so I have the full package.

NukeDaHippies706d ago

@SegaGamer would you rather pay full price fo a Super Dragon Ball Fighterz?? With the same mechanic changes your getting for free, and characters you can choose to (or not to) get?

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NukeDaHippies706d ago

I made a comment about a fire emblem swordie being in smash, the day the dlc was gonna be announced. Then when i saw my prediction come true, I mistakenly said they could add another Goku to fighterz.....oops

ShadowWolf712706d ago

Anyone who thought Ultra Instinct wasn't making it into this game was kidding themselves.

NukeDaHippies706d ago (Edited 706d ago )

I suppose. It's the lamest thing to come out of the series, tho. I'd rather ssj4 goku funny enough.

They should focus on putting Mr Saturn in

ShadowWolf712705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

SSJ4 is easily the lamest thing to come out of the series. It's the most inconsistent, does-whatever-the-writer-wants -it-to thing dreamed up in it. Pretty blatantly not Toriyama's and it shows.

Ultra Instinct is actually something based in the core philosophies of Martial Arts themselves. Bruce Lee often spoke of the concept. It was legitimately set up and built up to over multiple story arcs. And it's not just something you can "unlock" by getting emotional enough, or being angry, or what have you. You actually have to condition your body AND MIND to tap into it, let alone at will.

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