GamesOnSmash: Bond 007: Quantum of Solace Review

Like the game says, "BOND IS BACK." I personally never played Golden eye for the N64, but from the opening sequence of this game it gives you the feel that your James Bond. I would definately say to all James Bond fans and FPS fans a like, RENT THIS GAME. The game takes off right where Casino Royale left off, but for some strange reason it seems to flashback to the Casino Royale story line more so than tell the story of Quantum of Solace. It would have been a more compelling game if it released with Casino Royale or if it gave a unique story line leading into Quantum of Solace rather than scattering a few scenes from the Quantum of Solace movie in the game. It didn't seem as they kept a consistent theme throughout the story, although it was very easy and smooth to follow the flashback sequence. I don't understand why play the Casino Royale story line in a movie game titled "Quantum of Solace?" The controls are smooth in bond, the cover system is refreshing especially having it in a FPS, and the likeness of the characters is there from the voice overs to facial features. The opening sequence is the best I've seen to date. The game has all the bells and whistles that any movie video game should have and yes there's trophies...

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