Resident Evil Director's Cut Finally Released on PSN for PSP, Borked Edition

Over a year since REDC (Biohazard) was released on the Japanese PSN store for the PSP, Capcom quietly released it this passed Thursday on their new PS3 PlayStation Store channel. with many things SONY these days it isn't a smooth launch.

Seems the game is only accessible on the Canadian PlayStation Store and not the US one. As well, it is not accessible through the PSP WiFi or PC stores.

Canadians that have bought the game for thier PSP are reporting that they are unable to actually launch the game and that it freezes their PSP.

Two words SONY. Quality Assurance.

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Cajun Chicken4330d ago

Well then, its good to hear about a major publisher like Capcom releasing old PSone titles other places than Japan on their new PSN Store section.
Other publishers take note, including Sony...I still want Crash 2 and Crash Bash so I can play them on my PS3 and PS3. Having Crash 1, CTR and Crash 3 on the PSN store is very taunting.
Get as many of those awesome PSone games up there Sony!

Bad news, like the UK version of Crash 2, it sounds as if Resi DC got the same treatment.

Silogon4330d ago

The sad thing about PSN and Ps1 games is... I own so many of them in disc form still and still rebuy the good ones when the hit on the PSN due to easy access. I mean, playing a Ps1 disc is cumbersom and why bothersom... Really, if I get up to put a game in it's not going to be a Ps1 game. It'll be a ps3 game. Ps1 games are awesome to have on your HDD after you eject a Ps3 game for something to do.

I wish they'd hurry up and release some of the major PS1 games and get it over with.

Suikoden 2
Silent Hill
Resident Evil DC
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3
Crash Team Racing

to name a few...

Cajun Chicken4330d ago

Lacklustre games or lack of retail games on PSP...
Solve problem by releasing PSone classics in the gaps instead!

Do they realise that playing PSone isos is one of the biggest reasons for the custom firmware?
I mean, surely the issues of licensing for the games for PSN can't be THAT bad.

ALSO- Rollcage and Rollcage: Stage Two...NOW.

EyeShield 214330d ago

Klonoa and Tomba also.

Im off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!

TheColbertinator4330d ago

The contributor's name is suspicious