Our Top 5 Licensed Games of All Time

CoG's top five licenced games: Ah, the art of the licenced game. It's a genre of game that can range from brutally bad to surprisingly good.

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MadLad1621d ago

Not having Chronicles of Riddick on here is a disservice.

NeoGamer2321621d ago

Toy Story over South Park Stick of Truth?

DVAcme1621d ago

Thisnlist immediately became fucking worthless the moment The Warriors and the Arkham series were left out.

MadLad1620d ago

The Warriors was freaking fantastic. Just on the by, it can be had, natively, in PS4 for $9 at the moment.
Was thinking of reliving childhood a bit.

KillBill1620d ago

I don't get why people liked 'The Warriors' video game as much as they did? It really was not that great a game.

zachyBROosevelt1620d ago

As well as the original battlefront games and the jedi knight series.

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darthv72119d ago

I was always a fan of Cobra Triangle.


Goldeneye 007 deserves better than its fate on Xbox Game Pass

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Jingsing128d ago

Maybe it is time to just let Goldeneye go. People keep e-begging for this game and it came back in various iterations; remastered and original and in the end it was just meh. The game was a product of its time like Perfect Dark and Timesplitters.

Father__Merrin128d ago

It's from a bygone era that was good at the time but is pants now. Same with turok.

NotoriousWhiz128d ago

Whoa whoa whoa. Turok still holds up great.

YourMommySpoils128d ago

Isn't that like considering every other game too.

P_Bomb128d ago

When in doubt, port it out.

jznrpg128d ago

The game was a lot of fun for its time but damn that was a long time ago.

anast128d ago

There are better shooters now and better worlds.

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