10 Games I Stopped Playing (For Petty Reasons)

BY JASON MONROE: There are lots of reasons to give up on a video game before completing it. For example, some games are released with game-breaking bugs and glitches that make them unenjoyable. Why waste your precious time on a title when a developer couldn’t be bothered to fix something that ruins the experience?

But, then there are other reasons for stopping playing a game – sometimes a great game. Petty reasons. The protagonist’s voice, the super-villains name, the creaking sound when you’re sneaking around. Things that shouldn’t matter but make your blood boil to the point that you decide to put the controller down.

I’ve given up on more than a few games throughout the years. These are 10 of the pettiest reasons I’ve stopped playing games.

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winter_hill453d ago

You quit playing some of the greatest games ever written for some stupid %^&^%$ reasons, but I guess that was the whole point of the article. :p For me personally, I quit No Man's Sky early on because I had to dig up an item I needed in order to proceed, and I couldn't be bothered looking for it. Even though a guide I looked at online explained how to find it, still couldn't be bothered. I do plan on going back at some point though, but probably won't be for some time.

VivaChe453d ago

I stopped playing Far Cry 5 because of that unavoidable part where you have to shoot all those people in a house within a short time span. I get having to do it once, but multiple times?! I otherwise loved that game and I plan to go back to it at some point, I haven't ruled it out completely but I just couldn't bear to hear that guy say "again" one more time.

badboyz09453d ago

I don't play any EA games!

F**k EA

VivaChe453d ago

I like Madden and NHL though.

william_cade453d ago

Dark Souls 2, nothing pisses me off more than fake difficulty.

Nacho_Z453d ago

It's not fake though. Hard but fair in every DS game from start to finish, it's the beauty of the series.

william_cade453d ago

3, Bloodborne and Sekiro are fair. 2 is not. Enemy spamming and shit hit boxes are what makes 2 fake difficulty. I haven't played 1 yet.

Nerdmaster453d ago

"Hard but fair"
Right in the beginning of Dark Souls 1, I noticed that my attacks bounced on walls, so I thought "great, I think I can use it to my advantage!", so I lured the enemy skeleton near the wall and waited until he started attacking me, so his attack would also bounce on the wall, giving me a time window to attack him,
Much to my surprise and disappointment, his attack went completely inside the wall like nothing was there and hit me. In this moment I understood that this game wouldn't be a fair challenge, and it would have bull**** like this.
Oh, and the big boulder on the stairs just confirmed me this. There wasn't a warning, just a big boulder showing up from nowhere. "Teaching" you about the game by outright killing you is the opposite of fair for me.

Nacho_Z453d ago

I fought the skeletons without resorting to cheap tricks and I saw the boulder before it fell. It's only hard but fair if you take your time and carefully look at the environment for threats.

Nerdmaster452d ago

It's not "cheap tricks", it's the game universe being consistent with its own rules.

tcharger453d ago

I stopped playing The Witcher at least 4 or 5 times when the damn horse couldn't step over a log on the ground.

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The story is too old to be commented.