Is Kingdom Hearts III Worth Playing?

Mojoverse Games Feature: Recently Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package releasing March 17th, 2020, a special collection that includes 10 games. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on the franchise. As a supposed huge fan of Kingdom Hearts, I haven’t yet played or purchased Kingdom Hearts III, even with the added DLC (Re:Mind). I gave it some thought as to why that is and found that after playing every single “spin-off” entry over the course of almost two decades, my love for Kingdom Hearts has soured.

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FloydianAndroid57d ago

In my opinion of you like Disney movies and want to run around those worlds, which is what I enjoy, then yea the kingdom hearts games are worth playing. That being said, the dialogue is laughable, the gameplay is very basic, and the story is ludicrous. For those who say, “you just don’t understand the story,” yes I do, but it’s ludicrous none the less.

whitbyfox57d ago

Those who fought Mysterious Figure as Terra in Birth By Sleep would certainly not call the gameplay basic.

MojoverseGames57d ago

Especially if you're playing in modes from Normal and up!

FloydianAndroid57d ago

I didn’t say the game couldn’t be difficult, I said the gameplay was basic. Hitting one button over and over is basic in my opinion.

MojoverseGames57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

That is a good point to just enjoy it for its gameplay with Disney characters!

whitbyfox57d ago

The others are just casuals.

Xaevi57d ago

At this point, if you haven't, wait for a complete release. From my experience, it is not.

whitbyfox57d ago

Was your name Evia before you became a heartless?

MojoverseGames57d ago

Is there a particular reason you didn't enjoy it? I'm curious to know your opinion.

Xaevi57d ago

Gameplay felt floaty, flashy but not as quick to the point like it is in KH 2. Level design kinda clashed with the flow-motion mechanic, and inconsistent. A whole lotta freedom in the Pirates world and San Fransokyo but too many invisible barriers everywhere else. Boss fights were very disappointing, no fights against Pixar characters instead they all just turn into giant heartless. They were also very annoying with how they were able to go beyond the set limit of the arenas. Stories told in each world was also inconsistent. I really like Toy Box and Monsters Inc, and Big Hero for not only being kinda like mini sequels but also being part of the Organizations plan. All the other levels just told the stories of the movies in condensed ways and most of it always seemed to be happening while Sora is off fighting heartless. I'm not blindly hating on the game, apparently I've played more than 200 hours of it at this point. It has its enjoyable moments, but overall it disappointed me as the conclusion to a Saga, blew its load all towards the end in a lackluster way.

ArmyVetGamer57d ago

No, it was utter trash compared to the previous installments

NecrumOddBoy57d ago

It's fine. This game is missing so much content (pre-DLC) like the classic Disney characters, FF characters, and lore. The Mickey hearts were fun to find and the new gummy ship stuff is very cool. Overall the game is just lacking in my opinion. I liked the Monster world and the story was good but the Toy Story stuff sucked. I think my two favorite themes were the Tangled because it was just a fun world and story and the new Pirates world was incredible (mini-Black Flag). As a game it's a solid 8 but as the third installment of the KH saga, it's a 6 at best.

In all fairness, I am in the camp of people who thinks that when the developers decided to derail off into incomprehensible stupidity, the charm of Kingdom Hearts died with it. There are over 20 games in the KH world and only 3 mainline titles (many are handheld or phone games). They really ruined a great series and kept piling stupidness on top of stupidness until I play out o some weird nostalgia. Better yet, it's the same feeling many have for Star Wars. It sucks but we just want to believe anyway.

CrimsonWing6957d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Yea it actually is. At first, it was tough getting through a lot of cringe dialog and kind of simple designed worlds, but once I got to Toy Story it picked up for me and I’m actually really interested in how it’ll end. It’s a good looking game, too.

AK9157d ago

Not at launch but with the new ReMind content adding alot of stuff that the base game was missing I think it is.

MojoverseGames56d ago

Oh, I wasn't aware ReMind added a lot more content!

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