A Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game MIGHT be in the Works

Could you imagine a Crash Bandicoot themed endless runner on your mobile?

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-Foxtrot711d ago

So Activision get Crash back on track and the first thing they do after the remake games is a brand new mobile game


NecrumOddBoy711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

A Crash mobile runner is an easy answer to putting a good character on the phone and probably something fun. I am never going to buying Wompa Fruit or Lives but if it doesn't require a constant internet connect, I'd play it on my train commutes.

Knightofelemia710d ago

Mean while other companies are complaining they are losing cash on the mobile side of things Crash can work two ways either do a nose dive into the ground. Or make Activision some decent cash giving Crash is pretty popular Activision should test the mobile market and release the PS1 games on mobile before pouring resources into a full fledged mobile game.

Mr_Luke708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

So if it totally flops, they understand that only ND was the leader of Crash games. I didn't see a decent Crash game, besides the original ones and the remakes.