Gates' son feels Windows heat

MICROSOFT chief Bill Gates has revealed how he's clamping down on his son's computer use.

The multi-billionaire boss of the technology giant was in London yesterday to launch his firm's most important piece of software for five years.

And he said Rory, seven, is already on the receiving end of the new parental controls in Windows Vista, which can turn off the PC after an allotted time.

He said: "We have a big first in what we have done with parental controls.

"When I told my son that now I can limit the time he can use the machine, his reaction was 'Jees, is this going to be like this for the rest of my life?

And I said, 'Well yes, as long as you are at home it probably will be.'"

He added: "For my daughter Jennifer, who is a bit older at 10, I am more flexible but the fact I can see the activity log and see what kind of websites she is going to and pick what ratings of games I think are suitable for her to play, makes me feel great.

"Safety has been a huge element of what we have created here."

Vista, replaces Microsoft's XP brand, currently used on 400 million machines worldwide.

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OutpostCommand5719d ago

Feel sorry for the poor kids-
he is even invading what games they play.


Sucks to be them,
even if their father is the richest person on the planet.

shotty5719d ago

Ya it sucks when your dad knows every trick in the book. First the xbox now this...I wouldnt be surprised if he switches to a mac just to piss off his dad.