Star Wars and EA – what game comes next?

Whether you’ve enjoyed the publisher’s previous Star Wars games or not, EA’s partnership with Disney means that they have exclusive rights to the license for another few years. That said, what Star Wars game can we expect next from the publisher?

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Jimboms59d ago

I love Star Wars so much I'll play whatever

porkChop59d ago

Probably Battlefront III at this point. I'm really hoping Disney doesn't renew the exclusivity and instead opts for per-game licensing for all publishers. Obsidian, CDPR, Ubisoft, Guerrilla, etc., could all make some really exciting games in this universe.

TornRaptor59d ago

I would love to see those studios with the opportunity to make a star wars game

Christopher59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Star Wars The Old Republic sequel for consoles (the MMO).

Pros: the original on PC is some of the best storytelling in MMOs with great class-based system design set in a period where the story is way better than the movies themselves.

Cons: Keeping the complexity and class options for a KB/M MMO on a console (it's possible, but designers are afraid of using all the options available on controllers because they think gamers are unable to manage having many skills).

porkChop59d ago

As far as the complex controls you could use the DPAD as page selectors. Basically each page swaps the face and/or triggers. You could have offensive, defensive, healing, buff/debuff, etc., in their own sections that way.

Christopher59d ago

Exactly, but for some reason developers are reluctant to use such methods. And then you also have hold R2/L2 for extra bars on each of those.

Stopac59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Whatever it is hopefully they learned their damn lesson from the launch of Battlefront 2 compared to the launch of jedi fallen order

AK9159d ago

Battlefront 1.3 and Jedi Fallen Order 2

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