The HORI Split Pad Pro Makes Playing Switch in Handheld Mode a Pleasure

If you find yourself using your Switch in handheld mode a lot around the house, you should really consider investing in the HORI Switch Pad Pro.

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GravelerMagnitude953d ago

I pre-ordered mine around August 2019 if I remember correctly. Yea, its awesome. I've been playing Dead Cells a lot on the Switch too.

Antnee53453d ago

How heavy does it make the system

Gridknac53d ago

Weight is not bad, but it adds 6-7in in overall length. Definitely takes a hit in portability, but adds tremendously to playing any fps on the switch. I love mine and wouldn't go back to the OEM controllers.

FinalFantasyFanatic52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I kinda cramp up on the Switch when using it in portable form, I have the same issue with Vita and 3DS, but I sometimes cramp on the PS4 controllers too (Idk if I'm getting RSI or something).

GravelerMagnitude951d ago

Not heavy at all, they are extremely light, but they feel durable. There is not a battery inside the split pads so there is nothing to weigh them down.

UnbreakableAlex53d ago

Great idea but without vibrations I’ll have to pass.