First Ever Wii Modchip REVIEW - CycloWiz has posted a review of the CycloWiz modchip.

"CycloWizis a dream come true for many Wii owners. While it still doesn't allow you to run Wii imports or Wii homebrew it has all the features you'd expect from a drivechip and can not be easily detected by the Wii. We probably already have a winner in the Wii modchip competition that just started! With the chips expecting to hit resellers on Friday, what are you waiting for? Pre-order CycloWiz at your local reseller before they are all gone!"


- Wii and GC backups working exactly like original discs
- Support for GC homebrew and imports
- Full GC compatibility (including audio streaming games)
- Stealth
- Quick-solder
- Works with multi-disc games
- Very well built and great quality


- No Wii imports or homebrew

You can read the full review at their site

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