Final Fantasy XV on Xbox Game Pass Includes Some Nice Surprises

Square Enix is releasing Final Fantasy XV for Xbox Game Pass today. What was not confirmed was that this is going to be the definitive edition.

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Spurg53d ago

Cross save would have done wonders if I could take my ps4 save file to continue on pc. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't want to play ball.

Xavi4K53d ago

I hope cross-save become the default in next gen

Teflon0253d ago

I'm pretty sure that's more of a situation of MS. Sony has never had a issue with PC/PS saves transfering. It's about who was willing to implement it

rainslacker52d ago

Sony didn't prevent cross save for this game between PS4 and PC. Sony already allows that by default within their current compliance standards, and it's on the publisher to allow it.

jeromeface52d ago

Cross save has never been a thing across xbox to pc, go flame somewhere else.

MadKingGlyn52d ago

I'm pretty sure if you log into your account on PC or XBOX and play "ANY" of MS play anywhere titles cross saves work perfectly fine from xbox to pc and vise versa, learn some facts

SolidGamerX52d ago

They don't need to play ball, just play the game on the PS4 where you supposedly started it.

52d ago
SolidGamerX52d ago

@adambasly aka Spurg's new alt account

Lets see new account made 7hours ago, comment made the second the troll account was made hmmmm, speaking of pathetic.

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Yama53d ago

It’s the Royal Edition and the Ardyn DLC is also available on game pass to download. Not surprising, but very good.

Petebloodyonion52d ago

Loved the game and I platinum it on Ps4
Really loved the episode Ardyn (Loved the music when fighting)
Looking forward to the English version of The Dawn of the Future novel.

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