Gamespy: Left 4 Dead - Dead Air Gameplay

Gamespy has put up two new gameplay videos for the recently shown level named "Dead Air."

Thank you for flying.

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Kush_Reaper3625d ago

F^ck is this sh!t? Oh my god! is this what the media is praising? if so then the gaming industry has stooped down dramatically low. With mindless gameplay and graphics like that it proves that the media loves choking micro$hafts pubes.

If this was on the original xbox then yeah it would be acceptable but THIS? Even the ps2 had better games than this lol. Sure glad i'm too occupied to play this mole. Killzone 2 makes this look like an atari game LMAO.

That [email protected] prick(gabe nigel)whatever the f^ck his name is can keep this hideous thing on the 360.