Take-Two confirms Visual Concepts will continue as WWE 2K developer

Publisher “actively working” to ensure quality of future games.

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gamer7804298d ago

Maybe. I’d give them another shot. But they took over way too late last time. Not a lot they could do. Personally I’d like to see a wrestling game made from scratch that feels more natural, like if team ninja made it.

Segata298d ago

I wonder who AEW got for their game.

Kingdroopy2018298d ago

Rockstar should go ahead and make a wrestling game

XxExacutionerxX298d ago

Get ready for microtransactions all over 2k21. I just know thats where the ship is headed.

YEP414298d ago

This shit should not get support! We still buying so they really don’t care! Just like the nba 2k series buggy as hell they company as whole makes buggy unplayable games! The company making billions smh!

XxSPIDEYxX298d ago

Terrible news. Can't wait for that AEW game

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