Activision Teases "Several Remasters and Reimagined Experiences" Coming in 2020

During Activision’s financial conference call, Chief financial officer Dennis Durkin teased treats for lovers of older franchises.

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ActualWhiteMan60d ago

Better be Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero or GTFO

addictedtochaos60d ago

I certainly wouldn’t mind a Guitar Hero return, but I doubt it since GH Live didn’t do very well.

JHGriff198760d ago

V8 that's gonna be good, Tony Hawk unless done Skate style wont make it,.

AK9160d ago

I can’t think of any Activision IPs they own that deserves the remaster/reimagine treatment off the top off my head but I’m sure whatever they have in store will be good.

Rebel_Scum60d ago

Yay no new IP’s, just reimagined shit I’ve played before...great, can’t wait.

59d ago
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