Rockstar parent insists ‘things couldn’t be better’ following Houser exit

Take-Two doesn’t expect further departures.

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TheRealTedCruz59d ago

Time will tell on that one.
My two cents is whenever a senior creative talent leaves, it rarely results in better output from said developer.

sander970259d ago

My theory is that Sam is only waiting for GTA 6 to release so he can claim royalties on that and then leave so Leslie, Sam and Dan can start their own company so they can make games without having to be vassalized under Take Two.

Smokehouse59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

That’s what I was thinking. I have been trying to see where he is going and if he is staying in the industry but couldn’t find anything. I bet he goes back to a smaller studio as well. Many Prominent devs have gone back to the smaller studios where you don’t have to manage 600 people. Big studios pump out big games but they ultimately kill innovation and experimentation.

ssj2759d ago

Tell that to GOW and etc they can also get better by my experience so your opinion doesn't count mine neither. This is Rockstar it has probably over 500 employees one guy leaving doesn't change much. Specially when it was the one who wrote the boring uninspiring script the games had. Hopefully they can level up they writing abd actually make it intriguing and good

TheRealTedCruz59d ago

"Yours and my opinion doesn't matter"
Yet you still comment :^)

As far as I'm concerned, my opinion does matter. I'm also not wrong that when a creative lead leaves a studio, it tends to be a detriment to said studio.
One man in an important, creative lead could be more relevant than 50 randoms in a large team. You always have bad takes.

ssj2759d ago

You opinion or mine doesn't meter because 1 you don't kno what happens. 2 what if the next guy is way better? It coul be wose yeah sure. But it's not like Rockstar are losing Williams Shakespeare's or someone to that caliber. But i see you got ego issues sure your opinion matter if thinking that makes you happy cool. I have seen tupid comments saying Rockstar will bcome konami because they lot this guy wo nobody knew who he was probably not even his family know he works for rockstar lol

TheRealTedCruz58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


I have an ego? You have called people idiots. You belittle people who hold different opinions on video games than you. If there's a game you don't like and others do, you literally state they have low standards.

It's not really my problem you don't like the writing. Many people really enjoyed the stories he's spun over the years.
And to state that his family doesn't know if his work is just silly. Rockstar is possibly the biggest name in gaming, and he's a large part of that. You think his family thinks he just woke up one day with millions in the bank?

ssj2758d ago

I called people idiot pr you? Wtf ..
And sure there are idiot's here and there aboit certain stu3or times. Even i have been a idiot many times nobody is perfect only jesus God. Good that you find gta or rdr writing to the levels of greatness the guy should star writing his own books maybe he will be successful and do better or whatever he wanna do i am pointing oit the guy was whatever is not like he was a writer bobody can take his place because he wrote memento or saw script. Sound like you know the guy or maybe it's you and you are salty about me saying his writing can be done by anyone lol get over it bye godbye

roadkillers58d ago

Rockstar had over 1000 people work on GTA5 before initial release. As sad as it is to see someone this influential leave, I cant see how his role would become more diminished as more people join the team.

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jairusmonillas59d ago

I hope their next GTA game doesn't have crap controls like rapidly press X to sprint like wtf.
They still release DLCs for GTA Online but can't even include a boost mode for PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Talk about being super lazy.

Muzikguy59d ago

You'd think with all the money they make they'd do it without question.

LucasRuinedChildhood59d ago

Tapping X to Sprint is part of the charm of their games, just like holding A to run in Gears Of War. It's more fun. Otherwise, you're just boringly clicking down on the stick which can also be a pain in a long play session.

I'm pretty sure you can change the controls anyway, at least you can in first person.

Muzikguy59d ago

I don't mind the tapping X to run either. It works for the game. Plus, why be exactly like every other game out there?

D3TH_D33LR59d ago

We need QWOP controls! Lol

TheRealTedCruz59d ago

That rapid X thing was an implementation added later in the series, because doing so was an exploit in earlier releases, allowing an infinite sprint.

It's a throwback, if anything.

ssj2759d ago

I agree their controls are very outdated and menus. Their in game guide need to take hints from games like metal gear Horizon or days gone. Specially their outdated shooting controls and menu and wheel quick menus

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Traecy59d ago

Far as financially they are definitely fine.

XXXL59d ago

Lol. What else would they say?

Fiddlerblue59d ago

"After Houser exit, things have been a disaster! The office caught on fire and we're out of coffee! Send help!"

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