Venture Beat: Microsoft's Shane Kim loves Nintendo, talks up new Xbox Experience as social network

VB writes: "Microsoft executive Shane Kim touted the New Xbox Experience coming next week as the company's attempt to broaden its reach and shift its Xbox Live online gaming service from a multiplayer matchmaking service to a broader entertainment social network.

Kim, corporate vice president of Microsoft's games group, gave the update on Saturday at the Play conference at the University of California at Berkeley's Haas School of Business (where yours truly also moderated a panel). Kim said that the update to Xbox Live launching on Nov. 19 - which will allow people to communicate with each other through cute avatars, or online characters - will make it far easier for players to socialize and discover new entertainment such as videos and music."

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cheapndirty3620d ago

MS intention with the 360 long term. Read the last paragraph and Kim makes it clear that MS is not abandoning the 360 any time soon. That works for me. I am hoping for a 129.99 360 next xmas.