Nvidia Shares Affected by Weaker Playstation 3 Demand

Growing concers surrounding the slow demand of the PS3 is having an impact on some of its partners. Nvidia was one of the high profile firms to feel the pressure of Wall-Street today. Analysts view that availability has improved and a lack of demand stems from high prices and poor quality titles.


Santa-Clara Calif.-based Nvidia, which provides the technology behind the system's advanced graphics and special effects, may take a hit as a result of the slowdown.

"Sony royalties garnered by Nvidia from the PS3 build are expected to be the primary driver of Nvidia's gross-margin expansion in fiscal 2008," Michael McConnell, semiconductor analysts of Pacific Crest said.

"Although poor manufacturing yields on Blu-Ray diodes were the initial cause of PS3 unit constraints at retailers, we have seen evidence of weaker-than-expected consumer demand as availability has improved, likely stemming form overly high prices at retailers and a lack of compelling game titles."

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DC RID3R5727d ago (Edited 5727d ago )

try to be "too smart for your own good".

considering the blatant sony 'face-slapping' release of the 8800 series(DX10), nvidia should be content within the fact that they're still selling their old tech for a handsome profit.

I STILL find the whole DX10-less rsx chip debacle hillarious. Open GL is cool an all but...............

Future proof?


FirstknighT5727d ago

This ship is still sinking...

Funky Town_TX5726d ago

I rather have screen shots and gameplay vids. Let the big wigs worry about money. The billion $$$ corps. are always ready for stuff like this.

r10005726d ago

Thats great guys lets all hope Sony fails.... that way there's only one next gen console and then we can play whatever crap developer choose to release cuz of lack of competition....

xbox360migs5726d ago

There is nintendo you know, anyhow i feel that we nearly had a complete sony monoply in the games industry a few years back. sony killed sega, nearly killed nintendo and then went after the only thing that was keeping nintendo alive....the gameboy with the psp. well done to nintendo and microsoft for creating a really exciting time in games today! I for one would love to see sony brought down a few pegs.

r10005726d ago

I said next gen system.... do you think the wii can compare to the 360? I'm going out on limb here and say they your going to say "NO".

I like my wii just as much as anyone else here... But you think a game like gears of war can be done on the wii? What about lost planet, bioshock, crysis?

Don't think so..

Just like I doubt Devil May Cry, Metal Gear solid, Final Fantasy, Motorstorm, Lair can't be done either

I think people need to remove the thought of nintendo wii's is comprable to the 360/ps3, think about people.. whats going to happen 2 or 3 years from now when developers really start squeezing power out of the 360,ps3 & PC's... the wii is going to look even more outdated and last gen.

And I don't mean just graphics, gameplay will suffer from the point mentioned above, it will be known as the console for great mulitplayer, party type games with, Zelda, Mario, and Metroid sprinkled in here and there. I'm saying all this "NOT" in a negative way.

And to respond about sony's monopoly, I can't control that... but we as gamers should not want competition to go away, because in the end we're the ones who suffer.

Marriot VP5726d ago

i'm afraid r1000 is right

Need competition with sony and MS to get great products at cheap prices. And Nintendo really doesn't count as next gen because their console will be on a 2-3 year life cycle of old hardware but new gameplay.

Next interation is the HDWii

FirstknighT5726d ago

The death of ps3 would have nothing to do with what a developer releases! Games dont compete on other systems! They still have to compete with the other games! EX. Madden vs 2k! If anything we would get better games since they're not pushed to release to early! The only thing the death of ps3 would bring is no price cuts for the 360!

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xfrgtr5726d ago

Complete non sense,Nvidia has responded to these lies made by some xbox360fanboys fanatics and said that it's absolutely faulse since it has already sold millions of graf cards to sony and Sony is doing very good.Look at sony financial statement where analyst said that profit will be down by 50%:
"Things may not be as bad as previously thought for Sony Computer Entertainment. Yesterday, a survey of five analysts by financial news service Bloomberg predicted that the company could be reporting a 50 percent drop in profits today. However, according to Sony's consolidated financial results for the third quarter of 2006 (the three months ended December 31, 2006), profits were only down 5.3 percent and stood at 159.9 billion yen (approximately $1.3 billion), compared to 168.9 billion yen ($1.4 billion) in the same period last year."

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