PS3Center.Net Resistance 2 Review

PS3Center.Net's review for one of SCEA's latest; Resistance 2.

"So add this to the win column for PS3 exclusives because Insomniac has somehow out done themselves once again."

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360degrees3621d ago

I had planned on purchasing it, but after seeing reviews ranging from Extremely low eights, all the way to low 9's i decided not to spend my $60 on it. I simply ended up picking up a copy of Gears of War 2 on the Xbox 360 Video Gaming Console as the reviews seemed way more consistent

Rob0g0rilla3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

You would own a PS3 and LBP.

We both know those are two things you don't own or like.

With that said, enough with the Microsoft auto bot promoting comments. We all know you just want attention. Grow up kid.

poopsack3621d ago

you speak as if it were being reviewed on a scale of 8 to 10.

Junse3621d ago

bubbles for all what you said

ofx3603621d ago

This. Game. Is. For. The. P. S. 3. So. It. Is. A. may. zing...j/k

I Don't agree with 360degrees because when was 9-8 a bad score?(also you're obviously a fanboy)

The reason I don't like this game is the story, the style, and the controls. They just seem a bit off to me.

I know, this weird right? A ps3 owner not liking Resistance2. Oh noes!!!

DeZimatoR3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

'Xbox 360 Video Gaming Console' ?!

I mean, wtf?

Are you a M$ employee or something?

Damn fanboys are getting more messed up with each day that passes...

P.S. @ ofx360

*looks at name*

I'll trust whatever you say about the PS3 and its games!


ofx3603621d ago

Oh no...this again. My name is unfortunate for you fanboys isn't it. Have fun an add my on PSN(Ofx360) or check my n4g and playfire account. So ya...opinion validated. FACE

SL1M DADDY3621d ago

@ 360 - You're not buying a PS3 game based on your take on the reviews? LOL Your user name here tells another story, especially since anything 8 and above is considered a great game.

Don't be a tool, buy games based on your own reviews, rent then decide.

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Lookbehind3621d ago

Another AAA review for an exellent game. A few more like this and R2 will be back over 9.0.

ofx3603621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

R2 isnt above a 9.0 on metacritic! Wow i thought it automatically would be since it's a BIG ps3 release. How is LBP? It has to be over 9.0(hopefully over 9.5)

PopEmUp3621d ago

none of the 360 games reach to LBP meta if that is your call

now take a look at the mirror and see what is it

WIIIS13621d ago

I bought R2. Never played R1. It plays a lot like Halo I must say. What I have played of R2 is pretty good, but Halo 3 is still much better.


R2 will be on me in NO time.

halo dosent deserve me...

FenderVegas3621d ago

but so far other than the occasional annoying network errors, this game rocks and is very addictive

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