The Initiative shows off Xbox boss Phil Spencer playing its unannounced first-party game

The Initiative has teased another behind-the-scenes update about its unannounced Xbox game. The new first-party studio welcomed Xbox boss Phil Spencer back to its offices on Tuesday for a chance to discuss the overall direction of Xbox, as well as to share an image of Spencer playing The Initiative's mysterious new project.

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Obscure_Observer711d ago

A new Perfect Dark, perhaps? O.o

MasterCornholio711d ago

I think it's probably a new IP.

710d ago
xX-oldboy-Xx711d ago ShowReplies(7)
DarXyde711d ago (Edited 711d ago )

If it's Perfect Dark, that would be profoundly underwhelming in my opinion.

Using a "AAAA" studio to develop an FPS when they still have the primary studio who made the original games is probably as bad for morale as Disney animators in the 90s watching all of their painstakingly-crafted frames remade using CGI. It's just not good optics and pretty insulting. Many of those people left, but imagine not being trusted to handle your own creation. If they willingly say they don't know what they're doing, that's one thing, but I imagine that would be a bit of a gut punch otherwise.

Fortunately, I SERIOUSLY doubt that is the case.
It really should be a new IP. Anything less is kind of underwhelming from a newly created studio that's supposed to be this grand display of talent and synergy.

Atom666710d ago (Edited 710d ago )

When or if Perfect Dark returns, I do think it'll be third person. At some point, they will reintroduce the IP and the world. You look at the resumes of the people forming that team, and I can see it being a 3rd person, narrative driven, action/stealth sci fi game of some kind.

The tough part for MS is that for everyone who shares your opinion, there's someone else asking to revisit an old IP from the vault.

The only way to come close to pleasing both groups would be a reimagining of an old IP. That may be the case here.

I think new IPs will mostly come from the acquired studios.

1Victor710d ago

Nice 👍thank you I haven’t laughed like this in a while pots calling the kettles black or donkey calling rabbits long ears 😂 🤣 😂

skiggy34710d ago

I absolutely agree. Let someone else make that game. I want this company to make a witcher 3 / God of War style game..

mark_parch711d ago

looking forward to finding out more later this year

Obscure_Observer711d ago

Matt Booty teased the reveal at this years E3. :)

King_Noctis710d ago

I believe some people here are having meltdowns judging from the all the disagrees on this article.

Relientk77711d ago

The game is obviously Dr. Pepper Simulator. Soda in the picture gives it away.

Silly Mammo710d ago

Reboot of Cool Spot 7-UP mascot game.

Chevalier710d ago

Your onto something with their ties to Xbox, NFL and the Pepsi half time show and now Dr. Pepper being a Pepsi product. So maybe it will be a Soda Football league game.....

RangerWalk267711d ago

This isn't Perfect Dark. I'll bet a months salary it's a new ip

xX-oldboy-Xx711d ago

You'd hope so - it's the only way forward.

King_Noctis710d ago (Edited 710d ago )

So no company should ever make sequel to their games?

You’ve been very active on this article’s comment section.

mark_parch711d ago

Phils tweet and things he has said in the past point towards a re-imagining of an old ip.
Rand did a good video on it.

BillyG0AT710d ago

Hey I'll take that bet! Providing you're one of those people who makes like $20,000 a month on this site?

711d ago
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