XGS Head: Gears 5 Is World Class, The Franchise's Fanbase Continues to Grow

Following the departure of Rod Fergusson, XGS Head Matt Booty said Gears 5 is a 'world-class' game and the IP's fanbase continues to grow.

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Bennibop237d ago

Good yes world class definitely not.

KaiPow237d ago

It's definitely one of the most polished and recognizable TPS on the market these days. I'd say that's a world class product.

akurtz237d ago

Polished, yes. Recognizable, yes. No Content and anti consumer practices that put it far below the likes of Gears 3, yes.

generic-user-name236d ago

Gears (and Halo) have been losing recognition since the 360 days.

Zeref236d ago

Uhm yes world class. Is there a better 3rd person cover shooter that I should know about?

TheSaint236d ago

The best piece of poop is still a piece of poop.

THC CELL236d ago

Horizon and God of war and uncharted way better than gears
Some people are too far up there arse these days

WiiU-Dude236d ago

Showed up to see all the Sony fanboys come and trash this. We know they can't resist. I agree with you. World class, maybe not, but definitely a very, very good title. I enjoyed it a great deal.

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2pacalypsenow237d ago

Gears of War is a shell of what it used to be.

mandingo236d ago

Ah yes. I knew I’d find 2pacalypsenow belittling on a positive Xbox article

236d ago
2pacalypsenow236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

If you had played the original at launch the 2nd and 3rd you would know.

It’s like saying Halo is just as good as the original trilogy.

Those games are classics.

236d ago
TheRealTedCruz236d ago

Weird. Seem to remember the recent release doing incredibly well both critically, and in terms of sales.

2pacalypsenow236d ago

94, 93, 91 compared to 84.

Like I said it’s nothing compared to the original trilogy.

RazzerRedux236d ago (Edited 236d ago )


84? That's still a great score for a game. Come on.

2pacalypsenow236d ago

I never said it wasn’t lol my comment was that compared to the original trilogy it’s a shell of what it was.

I never said they were bad games lol

TheRealTedCruz236d ago (Edited 236d ago )


"I never said it wasn’t lol my comment was that compared to the original trilogy it’s a shell of what it was"

So, basically, you were talking out of your a**, and the second somebody pointed out the series is doing well, being reviewed well, you backpedal and try to claim you weren't making it out to be that the series has turned to crap with the last releases.

Ooh. A whole ten points difference from the best reviewed game in a series that started almost 14 years ago. While we speak on a site that always claims that professional reviews no longer matter in the first place.

You're not pushing disingenuous propaganda at all :^)

2pacalypsenow236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Nah, just you insecure people who cant accept the fact that Gears of War is not the same franchise it used to be, it's not "propaganda', it's a fact.

Same can be said about Killzone, Quake, Halo, Mass Effect, Call Of Duty, Battlefield and hell even Resident Evil was there, but they bounced back.

236d ago
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ccgr237d ago

Have yet to play this series

Alexious237d ago

Really? It's almost entirely available on Xbox Game Pass. Check it out!

YEP414236d ago

I feel Gears can match up with any serious IP out their! This site negative as hell! Gears continue to break barriers and the numbers speaks for it self! Can’t wait for 6!!! This series needs to continue like halo and forza!

TheSaint236d ago

So people are only gamers when they play games you approve of?


mandingo236d ago

uhhh no. The gears series is very highly regarded. Very odd that he wouldn't have at least played one of the games.

franwex236d ago

It’s fun. I re did the series in co op in preparation for Gears 5 and had a lot of fun. Except that I was burned out by the time 5 came around-lol.

2pacalypsenow236d ago

It's a must play, one of the games of the generation.

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Gunstar75237d ago

Fantastic series, but it needs a spin off to avoid fatigue

xX-oldboy-Xx237d ago

It has a spin-off in the works, what it needs is a holiday - a gen long holiday.

237d ago
236d ago
TheRealTedCruz236d ago


Because it's oldboy. Were they to actually do this, he'd just be saying how MS has been ignoring the franchise the whole generation.

237d ago
King_Noctis236d ago

Gears 4 was released way back in 2016. Gears 5 was in 2019. That is a whole 3 years apart. Let not act like this is a yearly series like CoD or something.

Zeref236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

I think they should work on a new IP. Let people miss gears. Yes they are still good games but it's value kind of diminishes if they keep pumping them out so fast and so consistently.

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isarai237d ago

1-3 were better, 5 is vetter than 4 but 1-3 are way better than both.

236d ago
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