Behind the Curtain: Why we play World of Warcraft

There's never a bad time to take a look behind you and examine your past. This is as true for MMOs as it is for anything else in life. With Wrath of the Lich King now up and running, Massively was wondering about some of the reason people have stuck with the game thus far.

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360degrees3650d ago

I mean I have been playing video games from my earliest memories of Commodore 64, Atari, etc...but I have never let any video game consume my whole life, time, and turn me into a "Video Game Vampire" whereas countless hours are wasted away playing a game for years???? the whole WoW thing seems like a serious addiction in my view, and counciling would be well advised for those gamers "hooked" who want their lives back

Jotenks3649d ago

Honestly I have played the game and I could not even begin to tell you as to why it is such a hit. I got to level 30 before I stopped, and I know my friend said I had to get to 60 before the real fun beings (That was the cap at the time and really I just didn't want to waste more of my time.) Granted it's a fun game, a little to much of grinding and such for me. I suppose the visual appeal plus the fact that it's a warcraft game entitles it to a few fans?

PvP I'm sure is a big thing and raids as well, and perhaps the fact your fighting amongst the other 'nations' or however you want to call it. Playing against real people instead of NPCs to which can give you bragging rights among friends? I dunno, I'm just spouting theories as for now, but maybe one of those or another...