1UP: Nintendo Wii Holiday Gift Guide 2008

Some cynics still snort that Wii is a fad. If Wii is a "fad," then it's a remarkably successful and long-lived one. You didn't see Christmas-weary mothers setting one another on fire for a Furby once that toy's 15 minutes were up, but it's been two years since the Wii hit store shelves, and it's still by far the strongest seller of the three main consoles.

Despite continually brisk sales, 2008 has been a bit of a subdued year for Nintendo's system. The accessible motion-based controls and family-friendly games still appeal to consumers, but some experienced gamers feel slighted by Nintendo.

Nintendo's creative head Shigeru Miyamoto promises that the Mario and Zelda teams are hard at work on new titles. If your Wii didn't see too much use in 2008, don't despair; you might hear some exciting news in 2009. Until then, play some Wii with your mom and have fun. There's no shame in it.

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