Cliff Bleszinski Offers To Return To Work On The Gears Series

One of the biggest names in the gaming community offered to return to the series he’s best known for on Wednesday night.

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Rimeskeem429d ago

The man is desperate at this point.

Sciurus_vulgaris429d ago

He lost a lot of money due to lawbreakers flopping and his studio failing.

darthv72429d ago

So he thinks because Rod is leaving that he can just replace him? Well good luck with that. I imagine they are going to promote from within so they don't have a spot for Cliffy.

ocelot07429d ago

Not just Lawbreakers but remember they quickly made a battle royal title to cash in on the Fortnite craze. Radical Heights I think it was called. I think it lasted like a month then the company closed it's doors.

Sitdown429d ago

If they promote from within, doesn't that mean there would be a vacancy in the position that got promoted?

AngelicIceDiamond429d ago

All that huffin and puffin his pride along with his money finally fell apart now hes crawling back to MS, not too surprised.

Reefskye429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

@AngelicIceDiamond, he didn't work for Microsoft, he worked for EPIC that's where he made his money helping develop unreal engine and game, Quakes main competitor in the 90s, Gears is just one of the last games he worked on for EPIC

AngelicIceDiamond429d ago

That's right he did work for Epic. Almost forgot because the Gears franchise is what made him rich in the first place. MS owns the property now he wants to return to the franchise that made him millions. With Rod gone to work on Diablo 4 MS does need a new lead. Cliff is the next best person to handle the Gears franchise though.

VenomUK428d ago

@Sciurus_vulgaris Cliffy B made millions by investing in Oculus VR before it was sold to Facebook.

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Obscure_Observer429d ago


Yesterday we had Platinium wanting to come back to Scalebound.

And now we have Cliff wanting to come back to Gears?

What the hell is goin on?

Crazy times.

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RazzerRedux429d ago

"Platinum should atone for their sins. I think MS should give them a chance to redeem themselves."

I imagine there are plenty of sins between both companies when it comes to what happened with Scalebound.

frostypants429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

Him and David Gaffe should team up. Lots of parallels...two big egos who haven't done anything great in years, and both specialize in the action genre.

rainslacker429d ago

I doubt it. He's still a multi-millionaire.

Npugz7429d ago Show
FullDiveDerail429d ago

he just offered to be a consultant ….he just wants to get paid a lot for shaking his head

Apex13429d ago

Tbh, it needs him back. It’s terrible since he left.

GamerRN429d ago

He may be desperate, but I do think he is one of the best choices for the project... Gears could use a jumpstart

gamer7804428d ago

He doesn’t need the money, he just has a need to be creative and currently he doesn’t have an outlet, which I can understand. I wouldn’t be opposed to him helping out. I liked the newest gears but some of the new ideas didn’t pan out very well like the open worldish aspects and the skiff.

Nu428d ago

The coalition doesn't seem to know they're doing. I say let him take a shot

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Silly gameAr429d ago

Guess he doesn't know how woke the Gears series is now.

akurtz428d ago

You should read his replies to some of the tweets, he mentions it lol

CaptainHenry916429d ago

This is hilarious. I actually want Microsoft and Coalition to give Gears a 5 year old break and work on something else

TheEnigma313429d ago

MS has no choice. No other exclusive sells for them other than Gears, Halo, and Forza.

STK026429d ago

Before the 360 era, a lot of people said MS only had Halo as a console seller. After the 360, it was Halo, Gears and Forza.

MS doesn't have a lot of huge IPs, but it shows that if you put enough money behind a good developer, you can create new succesful IPs. Maybe with the XSX Microsoft will be able to create a few more.

UnholyLight429d ago

yeah I can't see this happening until some new IP's ship on XSX. But once that does then go for itt.

Shane Kim428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

Gears doesn't sell anymore either. People are just renting it via Gamepass.

Nu428d ago

I think State of Decay 3 has a shot of becoming the 4th IP

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DOMination-429d ago

Their next game is going to be Perfect Dark

CaptainHenry916429d ago

Can you confirm that? That would be awesome

Ceaser9857361428d ago

Rumors says The Initiative is working on Perfect Dark..

gamer7804428d ago

Yup excited about that it’s the only franchise I’d really want to see reimagined has slot of potential, the rest need to be brand new games

TranceHop 429d ago

Gears of war is my favorite video game franchise. Microsoft needs to bring Cliffy B back to take over the franchise. We also need Gears 2/Gears 3 remastered.

2pacalypsenow429d ago

We already got that on Xbox 1.

The games look amazing on the Xbox 1 X

TranceHop 429d ago

@2pacalypsenow We need a Gears 1 Ultimate Edition type remaster for Gears 2/Gears 3. Not just a resolution update.

BlackIceJoe429d ago

I have no problem with Microsoft hiring cliff Bleszinski, but I personally want to see The Coalition work on a new IP instead. Maybe if The Coalition expands to have a second team, cliff can work on Gears with that one, but I really want to see a new universe more, over more Gears.

Sevir429d ago

The Coalition formally known as Black Tusk, was working on a new IP that was shelved after MS bought Gears from Epic and forced to work on gears... Honestly. It's time to shelve this franchise and bring a new IP out of the studio. MS is too dependent on Gears

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Ausbo429d ago

They weren’t forced. The studio actually voted on whether to work on gears or not. Gears won the majority