Similarities Between Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind and Final Fantasy Versus XIII

With the ending of ReMind and the Secret Episode, a fusion of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII is on the way in some form.

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Immagaiden61d ago

Funny how at first Nomura said he and Business Division 2 wouldn’t start serious work on KH3 until they were finished with FFvXIII(now FFXV). Now that KH3 is finally out he can’t stop thinking about FFvXIII.

I’m glad he was taken off the project. The development cycle for FFvXIII was a mess and after 2012’s DDD, Nomura would’ve had to prioritize KH3 and let Tabata take the reins. This meant we got FFXV, KH3 and FFVIIR sooner than Nomura’s original plan

xxitalia12xx60d ago

Don't forget that Square Enix was going through internal changes during the time FFv13 was announced and didn't concluded until almost 2012. By then Nomura's team was constantly taking out of original development to working on the 13 trilogy and completely messed up his plans.

I just hope his original vision for FF7R stayed put instead of changing everything.

Immagaiden60d ago

I understand why FFvXIII had a tumultuous development, but the fact is that it did happen. Such a long development cycle for such a major meant it’d eventually be rebranded into a mainline title.

Btw it was only the first game that Business Division 2 helped develop, not the entire FFXIII trilogy. tri-Ace were the ones who helped out with FFXIII-2 and LR: FFXIII.

No sense in fixating on what could’ve been since every major project has preproduction ideas that don’t make it into the final build. Difference with FFvXIII is that it was revealed earlier than it should’ve been. FFVIIR isn’t comparable since there’s no reason it would’ve been drastically changed from whatever Nomura originally envisioned.

ShinnokDrako60d ago

A rumor appeared, millions of articles started spreading. At this point i wonder: "is it really going to happen?"