Which Fanboys are Right?

Gamerlimit writes: "Every generation of gaming has had some level of fanboys. Whether it's Sega vs Nintendo or Sony vs Microsoft, it's nothing new. But this generation has pushed the limits of how bad fanboys are. The viral videos flood the internet and tempers flare to insane levels. Why do so many people get upset about something they enjoy so much? Gaming is around for the sole purpose of entertaining people. It's out there to give us those moments of enjoyment and memories. Games are a way for families to get closer and people to pass the time. So why do people take this to such and extreme level? Why do people insist on arguing about games and not simply enjoying the system(s) they purchased? The reason is truly quite simple."

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bomboclaat_gamer5244d ago

we dont need fanboys in our lives. they are obnoxious and loud and try to shove stuff down ur throat. no pun intended lol

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ZombieNinjaPanda5244d ago

You do realize that you're watching some of the most Americanized shows right?

Microsoft is a company based in America, so they would do a hell of a love more advertising here.

There is some occasional sony advertising, but this is Microsofts territory right now.

BrunoM5244d ago

humm if you go to europe u would not say that with ou being the UK were the ps3 and 360 adds ARE on PAR
IN ALLL other countrys sony and the ps3 take it and same goes for all of asia ..

we got to see what we watch and where we do it .. true here on spike and esp in north america we get xbox360 adds all over but hey its north america and microsoft has the cash...

SonyOwnsNextYear5244d ago

there are 7 continents, some of which are grouped into major markets.

MS right now, is throwing "american market" sales numbers around.LOL. Have you asked yourself how microsoft is doing in other markets? are they even considered in the race in lands other than american soil?

Can microsoft really think they will win a console war with just north american sales? Do we really know how many of these "sales numbers" are actually rrod replacements?

maybe next time , stop and think of what you say before embarrassing yourself.

mikeslemonade5244d ago

Having ads in the UFC 91 and NFL sunday cost money to Microsoft Gaming Studios. Sure Gears 2 sells millions of copies but xbox has always had games that sold that well. Halo 1, 2, 3, Gears 1, and Gears 2 sold millions but it hasn't gotten xbox past 25 million units mark. Xbox still hasn't taken off anywhere but America. LighteningPS3, is only looking one side of the equation. There's things going right for xbox but there's also things that are really going wrong like faulty hardware, system not really taking off even after price cut(Wii outsells 360 more than twice the amount despite costing the same price), not a very diverse library to expand the install base, only doing particulary well in one territory(north america) despite pouring a lot of money into marketing it in Japan, and games not breaking the 4th wall.

Snake Raiser5244d ago

BIG BOSS orders sony to price cut the ps3 to $350 or less. Is Sony is doing this well imagine how they will do then.

Bodhi5244d ago

Sony is doing pretty well worldwide, particularly in Europe and Japan. They aren't doing very well in the USA or the UK.

Rhoic5244d ago


You guys need to realize that America > 95% of The World in Consumer Land lol.. if it sells in America, you hardly have to worry about places like Japan or Australia.

mikeslemonade5244d ago

Yea your pulling that 95% out of your butt. PS2 sold 120 million and only about 45% are sales from America. So Microsoft's roof will be at 60 million. No matter what they do they will never sell more than 60 million unless they get things together in Europe and in Japan.

Mini Mario5244d ago


You guys need to realize that America > 95% of The World in Consumer Land lol.. if it sells in America, you hardly have to worry about places like Japan or Australia."

So ur saying that America sells more than -

europe, new zealand, australia, and all of asia combined>???

Mini Mario5244d ago

Ignore2.4 - man
its just stupitness the gpus the cells and all that it makes me mad that we cant even play a game with out pog or some other person say but it looks to dark it has frame drops play the game damn it!!!

i come from 2d gaming when the games where just games and freaking hard as hell.
dont let your hardwear own you my friends you own the hardwear

and no one wins pc 360 ps3 no one you lose cause your broke!! gaming is cool but do you think they care about you hell no they dont just do what you do play enjoy"

Yeh 2d gaming was harderer. 3 lifes for a whole game, those were the days.

Its a known fact they make games easier these days so that ppl will go back and buy the sequel (if they can finish the first its likely they will buy the 2nd).

I couldnt tell u the hardware specs on the snes or nes. I never cared, i just loved playing the games.

Tomdc5243d ago

its just the same with sports fans. People just like something to argue about...

acedoh5243d ago

if you prefer one console over the other. It also doesn't keep you from being a fanboy if you own all three. I owned a 360 and Wii this gen but I love my PS3. It just offers the best gaming experience for me. I like games like Resistance over Gears or Little Big Planet over Banjo Kazooie. That doesn't make me a fanboy. The young gamers who grew up on Nintendo vs. SEGA are now dealing with a new console war. I think the internet is really what causes the biggest problem. Youtube has unleashed the attention deprived who want to make a statement over the internet. This is something that would have never been thought of ten or 15 years ago. Some of these fanboy fools would have been considered outcasts with their behavior.

Rhoic5243d ago

Please Mike, show me where it says 45% of PS2 sales are from America.

In fact, pull up a chart showing where it sold and how many sold for each country.

And yes.. if it sells in America, you're pretty well off. Why the hell do you think SO MANY companies from all over the world make items that are imported to America? I mean think about how many companies you find that ARE NOT from the U.S. that are selling here.

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sushipoop5244d ago

Are what? Gay? Child molestors? Whale blowers?

ZombieNinjaPanda5244d ago

Jack, you really set yourself up for that one :)

ultimolu5244d ago

For constantly buying a faulty console instead of using their God-given brains?

Oh, wait, I forgot. The PS3 has no games!!!!1

Chris_Hansen5244d ago

Why don't you take a seat right there?

reckoner5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

Uh-oh, Chris is here. jack who, better take pp and run before the cameras arrive! :P

SONYSLAVE5244d ago

lol at the pic of the ps3 fan being such a geek while the 360 guy is one nice looking hunk of meat

dukadork5244d ago

360 fans are just like that: macho homophobic tough dudes with a chainsaw in public... but so tender in private :)

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Covenant5244d ago

They're fanboys...they are wrong by default. :)

The Matrix5244d ago

All fanboys are right in there own eyes.

360degrees5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

I've never heard of that term personally...would it refer to a young man who makes fans of some sort?

Covenant5244d ago

Actually, fanboys are those young men who wave fans over tourists on tropical islands to keep them cool. For some reason they keep showing up on this site...guess they need something to do on their breaks.

house5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

its just stupitness the gpus the cells and all that it makes me mad that we cant even play a game with out pog or some other person say but it looks to dark it has frame drops play the game damn it!!!

i come from 2d gaming when the games where just games and freaking hard as hell.
dont let your hardwear own you my friends you own the hardwear

and no one wins pc 360 ps3 no one you lose cause your broke!! gaming is cool but do you think they care about you hell no they dont just do what you do play enjoy

slak5243d ago

why cant there be peace

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sushipoop5244d ago

PC fanboys = Pissed because they wasted their money. This is why they troll Killzone 2 threads. They have no games. Killzone 2 looks better than every PC game including Crysis and the amount that they paid for an up-to-date graphics card is the price of a PS3.

poopsack5244d ago

lol most of that is true

Charmers5244d ago

Actually you are right I was cheesed off I spent all that money on a console when my PC is playing games BETTER. The fact you guys seem to think a 2 - 3 year old console can even match the latest tech that PC gamers have access too today show what fanboys you are.

You quip "ha ha your graphics card probably cost the same as an entire PS3" erm yeah hm lets see PS3 in my country £299 a HD4870 = £199 oh and did I mention the HD4870 has more power than the PS3 and 360 combined. That is why a lot of PC gamers are looking to play games at 2560 x 1600 meanwhile you guys have to make do with 720p (if you are lucky).

I am not even going to start on Kz2 it would be totally pointless because you guys are just blatantly blind it doesn't matter what I say or do you would go "omgz but you r so da wung coz da Kz2 is so da cool". If you really think a game running on a two year old graphics chipset cannot be run on a modern day PC then you really are beyond any sense of reasoning.

The Matrix5244d ago

Sushipop, bubbles for pwning.

badz1495244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

there's no point for pc fanboys arguing with consoles fanboys! the fact that PC tech moves a lot faster and a couple of years ahead of any console or every single console combined is undeniable but at what cost? are all PC standards? NO! so, even if every multiplat is best on PC, how many can actually enjoy it at the fullest? at the resolution of 2560 x 1600 like you said? not many! how much does it cost for that kind of monitor anyway? what size? 24"? every gamer with a 360 and PS3 with HDTV will already have almost the full package to enjoy any game at their fullest! add a 5.1 surround to that, and you have already the best setup possible for any game ever released! I have a 37" LCD and 5.1 Yamaha mini home theater and I'm satisfied with my gaming! what about PC? sorry to say but it's far from it! I have a PC that ran Bioshock at the highest setting, gears at high and Crysis at medium last year and I was satisfied! but how about this year? I can't run any new games at high at all, Farcry 2, Fallout 3, Dead space and I can't even run Red Alert 3 at very high or it will be crawling and that's frustrating! I know that I need to upgrade at least my GPU (I currently using 8600GT overclocked GDDR2 512MB) to cope up with new games but is it worth it? totally not when I can get the best out of my PS3 out of the box and as long as it exist! no upgrade needed! game sales also not showing on the top selling charts for PC except WoW, Sims and other MMORPG! where are all those PC spec eating games' sales go? that's right, people buy them on consoles!

Charmers5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

"I can't run any new games at high at all, Farcry 2, Fallout 3, Dead space and I can't even run Red Alert 3 at very high or it will be crawling and that's frustrating!"

and I suppose you think the console runs these games at very high do they ? At best most console games are the equivalent of MEDIUM settings on the PC. That's right not very high but MEDIUM and at a low resolution of 720p. Now I don't see you complaining that your console only runs the game at medium but you are here complaining your low end 8600gt can't play games better than the consoles. The 8600gt is actually just a tad bit weaker than the chipsets inside the consoles so I wouldn't expect that to "better" the consoles.

The fact is if you have a decent duo2core and a 8800gt your PC will play the games better than the console. Now that doesn't necessarily mean you will max out the PC settings but you will be able to bump up the graphics to a much better quality than either the 360 or PS3 can do.

So next time you play a PC game and go "it isn't fair I have to settle for High settings instead of very high because my PC can't do it" just think for a second that is a lot better than medium which is the best the consoles can match up too.

SonyOwnsNextYear5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

console versus pc.\

Rhoic5244d ago

Charmers is absolutely right.. I don't even have a high-end PC.. but I know for a fact, without a the slightest doubt, that a PC will outperform a console in every way.

Also.. Killzone 2 nicer than Crysis?.. Come on. You cant be that desperate. Killzone 2 uses shades of freaking gray which is EXTREMELY easy to manipulate.

Narutone665244d ago

PC games are on a decline, the reason being that it is easily pirated and too much copy protection like SecureROM. The legal customers are being punished for the piracy. That's why game dev are steering clear of PC. I personally enjoyed PC games like Starcraft, Warcraft3, Diablo2, etc. I'm anticipating Starcraft2 and Diablo3 right now. But exceptional games for PC are rare and far in between.

badz1495244d ago

that is why I said at the fullest! on console, be it 720p or 1080p, that's the maximum it can go and console gamers get it without a slightest need to upgrade or even change the configuration of their console! I also said that multiplats are BEST on PC, right? ...but a a cost! I also got my PS3 last year but do I need to upgrade it in order for me to enjoy all the games I bought this year to the fullest? NO but not the same for PC! on PS3, I know that I'm playing at the best possible setting for all games but on PC, I can't get the best experience available because I still need to upgrade! I have a 37" HDTV, so do I need resolution? I don't think so! even 720p and 1080p is hard to distinguished in any display under 40" let alone 2560 x 1600 resolution on a 24" or 30" monitor!

I admit that PC version will always be the best for all multiplats but the convinience of console gaming where you don't need to worry about your console not capable of running the game at the best resolution is simply priceles. plus, more big players in the industry is seriously focusing on consoles now! I partially agreed that PC can't run KZ2, LBP, R2, MGS4 and even Fable 2, Gears 2 and Halo 3! they are not available for PC only gamers to brag about! so, +1 for consoles!

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BrunoM5244d ago

im the one thats right im the one with the money so sony and microsoft answer to me and my wallet

damn is geting sad with news like these now .. i mean EVERY one has a console they like more its that easy theres only a few people that tke it to a level that is stupid ...

FACT ps3 does some thing better than the Xbox360 (in my view a bettaer all around machine)
FACT the 360 does some stuff better ..(in my view only the online for now)

people need to stop having stupid fights that take then NO WERE in the end is sony and microsoft that have OUR maney (i got to work for mine so ya that counts alot to me)

oo i own 12 consoles right now my fav all time is hard to say id say the Dreamcast or the ps2 ... now in the new Gen i got a lil thing for the ps3 not to say its MUCHHH better than the 360 but i like it more

people need to start taking it like these I like the ps3 more than the 360 good for me no one cares and i dont need to force me liking the ps3 on any one (FANboys need to o that) is that easy !!!

but w.e back to play some games ...

Ps: its all about GAMES Not DE game but THE GAMES .. stop with the console crap the 2 of them are gona sell millions and be on par as a gamer we got to see WOW sony was able to almost catch microsoft xbox360 even tho it came one year after and it costed 600 bucks and is stil the one that costs the most ..GREAT for us GAMERS because if it wasent for sony there would not be halo or gears .. same for Sony and tekken if there was no SEGA there wouldent have been many games .. in the end is all good for us !!

Rhoic5244d ago

*Sigh* this isn't news.. this is the normal blogging stuff that N4G pulls off of random sites.

Each console has it's benefits and hinderings.