24-year-old faces nearly 9,000 charges for trading game accounts

A 24-year-old inhabitant of Poland has received nearly 9 thousand charges of illegal distribution of games. His idea was to buy digital versions of the games and then resell access to the account to many people. Losses he caused were valued at nearly $260,000. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

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masterfox592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

it's over 9000!!! :D, sorry I couldn't resist.

Bleucrunch590d ago

hahahahaahahahahahaaaaaa. GOOD ONE!!!

Exvalos590d ago

Omfg lmao!!!!! Never a more perfect time to say that

badz149590d ago

it's not over 9000 though

Father__Merrin590d ago

these cretins are all over ebay you search for a game key and something cheap comes up once you click on the post its actually not a game key but rather access to a account. theres no option on ebay to report them

arkard590d ago (Edited 590d ago )

Should be, what does not participate in digital sales (unless something changed im unaware of) so a sale like that is against there terms and conditions

I was wrong, they do allow digital items now.

But I checked and there is still a reporting tool on the mobile website at least. You have to scroll pretty far down to get to it though

nucky64590d ago

not sure about that. i used to sell digital codes from blu ray movies i bought. i never used them so it seemed like a waste. i usually put them up for sale for a third of what the entire movie package cost me. the last time i tried to do this (around 2 months ago) i get message that trying to sell digital copies isn't allowed.

nucky64590d ago

so true. i was always curious as to how people were allowed to do that. now i know - they aren't supposed to.

Cyb3r590d ago

Some websites sell accounts too Im surprised that noting is being done about this

JackBNimble590d ago

And they're all stolen accounts

590d ago
JackBNimble590d ago

Why are they calling this trading accounts, this is plain and simply stealing.

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