Nintendo Switch: Why Sell A Physical Box At All If There's No Game Card?

"Full Game Download, Game Card Not Included" appears on the box for The Outer Worlds on Switch, why would they do this?

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Antnee534238d ago

Easy it's so people who want a case on a shel can still get a case. Also bow you can trade stuff in to get said game cheaper even if you wanted it digital.

AnubisG238d ago

People who want a case on a shelf also want the game in it. I know because I'm one of those people. No one, not a single person wants an empty case. There is zero point to it.

Lilrizky237d ago

Speak for yourself. I have 400 switch physicals and about 200 being digital only titles I've printed the case for. By the time you hit the triple 0 cartridge swapping really becomes a pain in the ass. Personally, as a collector I just like displaying the covers plus I love switch box art.

King_Noctis237d ago

I agree. When I purchase a physical game, I want ACTUAL physical copy of it. Nintendo has gotta find a way to lower the price of those carts for the devs.

AnubisG237d ago


So you took the time to print cases for games that you don't actually own.

Read the fine print of your digital games. You don't own them. You got a license to play them and they can rewoke it at any time. Go ahead, read it if you don't believe me.

So you got 200 empty cases of nothing. If it makes you happy, hey, good for you buddy. I just don't see the point.

KillBill237d ago

"No one, not a single person wants an empty case." - except for the fact of so many people doing exactly that by buying these empty cases at retail stores. they wouldn't do it if they din't sell.

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Ricegum238d ago

It's also a completely unnecessary use of plastic, ridiculous having a case for a non existent game.

Chevalier237d ago

" Yes, lets make more plastic and pollute the world because a digital code on a piece of paper "doesn't seem too nice". Jesus, do you really think like that?"

Yeah people do think like that. You don't think luxury products like video games in general are materialistic? You forget that gaming is a luxury, not a necessity. No I don't think like that, but, having worked in a videogame store for many years in my experience yes people are absolutely like that.

In fact I hit that exact scenario where we sold out of a popular game and I suggested to a customer to get a digital copy or to buy a network card to load an account and buy the game and they scoffed and walked off.

Chevalier238d ago

The only reason that makes sense to me is so that parents or significant others could gift people something. Because giving someone a piece of paper with a digital code on it just doesn't seem too nice since you can't really wrap it. At least with a case you got something to wrap for gifting. Other than that I'm not sure.

JustTheFax237d ago

Yes, lets make more plastic and pollute the world because a digital code on a piece of paper "doesn't seem too nice". Jesus, do you really think like that?

rainslacker237d ago

I'd say the number of gifting purchases are probably not statistically high enough to support this as a business practice. Boxes on the shelf draw more attention than a digital purchase card, or pull ticket of some sort. The only reason they exist is for discovery. Switch still has a rather high percentage of retail purchases, so having it on the shelf is good for the product.

rainslacker237d ago

It's just a way to make it more visible on the shelf for those that want the game, but can't buy it online, or choose not to. I think just a placard card, like a pick ticket, is probably more efficient and less environmentally demanding, but it is what it is.

Generally people that want to put something on their shelf want the actual product inside the box, because they're either collectors, or they just like to have those games physically.

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GreenDragonCVR238d ago

because it looks good on my shelf, what do you care

RazzerRedux238d ago

Not everyone wants to collect empty cases. Some would rather be able to sell or trade the game in when they are done. But a code is one use and done.

Neonridr238d ago

it definitely prevents you from trading in the game ever, which sort of sucks.

GreenDragonCVR238d ago

I definitely prefer to have the cartridge however if the game is digital it's nice to have something physical as well, even if it's a stupid empty box. I understand a lot of people probably do not want that kind of clutter though.

RazzerRedux238d ago

" if the game is digital it's nice to have something physical as well"

I can understand that. Something better than nothing, I guess.

Tross238d ago

I'm certainly of the type who would rather a physical game come with a case. Otherwise, I may as well just go with a digital copy of the game as that's what I would be getting anyways.

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Neonridr238d ago

devs choice. They did it for Fortnite too on all platforms. Just to sell you a couple of cosmetic items to go with a F2P game.

Elda238d ago

LOL!! A game case with no game inside has zero value if one wants to trade.

Xaevi238d ago

Not really a Nintendo thing, but I can only think it's to fool the uninformed into buying a digital code for either a free to play game or a game that is already discounted digitally. It's BS and I always smh whenever I see it. If you're a gamer and see someone picking these things off the shelve warn em

AnubisG238d ago

It's also dishonest. Not many people will realize that there is only a digital code in the box and not a physical game.

rainslacker237d ago

I think in some cases that may be true. But with the Switch games, it's pretty predominately displayed on the box. I know some games only had it as a little blurb on the back of the box, and if you didn't really read it, or know ahead of time, you may not know until you get home.

I was about to buy Rare Replay when I got my X1, but saw that about 1/4 of the games weren't even on the disc. I decided not to buy it, because what's the point of a compilation if that compilation isn't on the disc itself. Same reason I didn't buy the Spyro Collection.

That in turn makes me not want to even bother with the digital version, because it's a practice I don't support, because it's about the only way I can exercise my demands as a consumer of physical products that physical products be an actual physical product.

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