Top 10 Games this Holiday Season Part 1

Gamerlimit writes: "This holiday season is full of future Triple A titles, which is why it was very hard to only pick 10 games for our featured article. We are very confident with our pick and believe that you will all enjoy these great titles. It seems that this year is all about the sequels. There is a good amount of original titles as well like Mirrors Edge and Left 4 Dead which have been getting a lot of praise due to their originality and unique game play. Let's look at our 10 titles this Holiday season that are worthy of your hard earned cash."

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Asurastrike4335d ago

The best games this holiday season, in no particular order

Gears of War 2
Fallout 3
Resistance 2
Fable 2
Prince of Persia
Valkyria Chronicles
Left 4 Dead
Call of Duty World at War
Mirrors Edge

Perjoss4335d ago

I'm playing lich king at the moment, its pretty damn good, my list would have most of those games on it plus lich king, especially fallout 3!

ikiru33854335d ago

The best games of this holiday season:

- MGS4
- Gears 2
- Fallout 3
- Left4Dead
- Resistance 2
- Prince of Persia
- Dead Space

Asurastrike4335d ago

MGS4 came out 5 months ago, that's why I left it off my holiday list.

EyeShield 214334d ago

wheres part 2 ?

Im off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!