An Xbox Game Studio Is Experimenting with Shipping Low-Res Textures To Be AI-Upscaled in Real Time

One of the Xbox Game Studios is experimenting with Machine Learning to ship low-resolution textures that are then upscaled in real time with AI.

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Chris_Wray231d ago

That could be incredibly useful and the displayed image alone shows a dramatic improvement.

darthv72231d ago

looks like this would benefit xcloud streaming as well as console/pc.

boing1231d ago

How would this benefit xcloud streaming?

fr0sty231d ago

Xcloud streaming doesn't stream the textures to be rendered client-side, it streams a video image of the entire game that was rendered by a server, much like PlayStation Now does.

Also, upscaling via AI doesn't always work flawlessly, so they're basically bragging about selling us reduced quality textures so they don't have to give us actual high res texture packs to download or to fit on the disc, and hoping the AI can do a perfect job of up-rezzing them (which is will do great, but not perfect).

cwhit122231d ago

Fr0sty good point, but when it comes to Xcloud do we really care about high res textures when xcloud is capped at 720p right now anyway. I think lower res textures for better possible latency is a great trade off, people may think otherwise of course.

frostypants231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

It's sacrificing expensive CPU/APU bandwidth to save on cheap disk space. This seems interesting but rather pointless. I mean, I guess it could make a download smaller (or save devs from having to ship a physical game on multiple discs), and if the upscaling could be done one time and the results saved (rather than be constantly upscaled during gameplay) I guess that would be useful. Kinda. But barely.

For consumers the benefit of this would be negligible.

jaykoerner231d ago

When current gen games are sometimes in the 200gb region, disk space is not cheap, neither is the bandwidth to download it, if it's used on stuff like backgrounds, ground, bricks etc... And they can save idk 20gbs then yeah I see a point, especially for remasters, might seem lazy but it's at least a good option. Disk space is only cheap now next gen it's gonna go to ssds, if it stays cheap good, if games run off hdds fine, good, if not then disk space is at a premium

nirwanda230d ago

Or it's for making current gen games running on next gen hardware look much nicer without any updates.

ThinkThink231d ago

That's a cool little tool. Anything to keep the size of the 4k assets down to save disc space would be greatly appreciated. Still unclear if the high res textures live in the cloud and the AI builds what it needs from that or if it is all done locally.

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frostypants231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

If it's done locally, do you really want to sacrifice gaming performance (4K strains hardware as it is) just to save a bit of cheap disk space?


You seem like a hater. You haven’t even tried this tech yet yet everything that comes out your mouth is negative or as if you’ve experienced it already. Something tells me that if this was Sony saying this you would be jumping for joy. Let people be excited if they want to be. If you’re not convinced that’s fine but don’t be a hater about it

franwex231d ago

If it prevents games from taking up hundreds of gigs, I’m okay with this!

fr0sty231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Not if it reduces the quality of the end result, which it will. No upscaler is perfect.

franwex231d ago

I think it depends on the type of game. A racing game would be okay for example.

jznrpg231d ago

It sounds good in theory but we would need to see the end result and what is sacrificed .

Christopher231d ago

Most of what you download is audio files. Want to greatly reduce your downloads? We need better compression audio that unpacks on installation.

franwex231d ago

The downloads don’t bother me too much yet. When games start getting about 500 gigs and take 5 days I am sure it will. Hard drive space is what I see becoming more of an immediate issue.

Immorals231d ago

This could be insane with open world games that tend to use low res textures, wonder what the strain on hardware is compared with normal HD textures?

Kavorklestein231d ago

And people say MS doesn't try to innovate... Ha! I think the industry as a whole is gonna do some crazy things in the next few years. Can't wait to see what Sony, MS, and Ninty do in the future.

NeoGamer232231d ago

All three companies innovate.

They have all added to console gaming.

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