If my consoles could talk

Ever wondered what kind of conversation the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and a gaming capable PC would have?

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DreamcastFanboy3649d ago

No Your 360 just says f*ck you and then it get's RROD

bomboclaat_gamer3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

the xbox 360 would say "im so full. too much good games this holiday season.....nyumm nyumm".

the ps3 would say: "stop being a fanboy and play me for once, and stop trolling n4g"

the wii would say: "im getting tired of these kiddy games. i miss my hardcore users. fvck little kids and grandmas. im starting to smell like medicine and retirement homes now. :( "

The Matrix3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

My 360 "Is it just me or is it freakin hot in here?"

My PS3 "It's just you."

Wii "Can you shut down 360 I can't hear my movie at max volume with you watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

My 360 "I'm not watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre..."

Wii "Why are you making a sound like a chainsaw?"

360 "I have a stomach ache."

PS3 "Me too, maybe we shouldn't have eaten at Taco Bell."

Wii "I have gas."

360 "Dude, if you're gonna fart you can just leave."

Wii "I don't have anywhere to go."

PS3 "Bull****, there are a million little kids and old people who would love to adopt you."

360 "Yeah and Michael Jackson."

Wii " -.- "

PS3 "Isn't he in jail?"

Wii + 360 " -.- "

bomboclaat_gamer3649d ago

my point exactly. go play some games man. u sure have a lot of time on ur hands

Peter Griffin3649d ago

Sony gamer: Hey PS3....u hungry?

Ps3: Yes

Sony gamer: Ok, stick out ur tongue

Ps3: (silent)

mrdxpr23649d ago

that was funny lol...the funny thing is its all true but the sound of the chainsaw is cause its killing a disk lol.... my bros 360 scratched the Hell out of GEOW 2 i was dying...

LightningPS33649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )




I'm dying for some action...

poopsack3649d ago

augh, look who ruined the ongoing funnyness.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3649d ago

PS3: "Another glorious day, I feel so good in the morning knowing that I helped cure cancer all night long. How bout you 360, how was your night?"

360: "Ughhhhh, oh man I don't feel too good..."

PS3: "Holy crap you look like you might have a fever or something, what color you showing bro? Tell me it ain't red..."

360: "It ain't green... that's for sure *COUGH* COUGH*

Wii: "Hey whats happenin fellas, did our owner get a replacement WiiMote yet? The other was smashed on the ceiling fan remember?

PS3: "Doesn't look like it, by the way... aren't you supposed to be white, you look pretty grey dude...?"

Wii: "Oh yeah, that's just... uh.. *sigh*

PS3, 360: "Dust?" *both laugh*

Wii: "Like you guys have room to talk, 360 your ****in' broken, so I guess we won't see the owner play you for awhile! And PS3, all he does with you is watch movies!"

PS3: "Whoa settle down buddy, we meant nothing by it, its just... your a friggin novelty man, a Tickle Me Elmo if you will...

360: "Settle down Regal, atleast the Wii is meant for gaming, not to mention its motion controls actually work."

PS3: "Yeah well dude, I don't know if you've noticed but... you don't even ****'n work, and when you do, we don't like listening to your lumberjack ass!"

*Rabble! Rabble! Rabble! Rabble! Rabble!*


All: "....."

PC: "What happened to you guys man... You all should be grateful. This owner of ours is one of the select few people amongst gamers who loved each of you so much, he had to own you all.

Wii... you might not be the media monster the 360 and PS3 are, but by golly, you are the life of the party whenever the owner throws a party.

360... what you lack in hardware functionality, you make up ten fold in the features department. I've never seen the owner get so into his online matches, and he used to play CounterStrike on ME! You'll be fixed soon, and when you get back, you'll still be loved.

And PS3... as much as you might not like it, you are the greatest video playing device on the market right now. But the awesome thing about you is, you still have some of the greatest exclusives this generation! I heard the owner talking about Killzone 2 yesterday and you know what... he said KZ2 is the best looking game he's ever seen... this is 2 weeks after finishing Crysis Warhead for god's sake!"

Wii: "I guess you're right PC."

360: "Yeah sorry Wii... and PS3, I never told you this before but... you're my hero man."

PS3: "Really man? Cause I've always liked how you and the Wii have done things. You guys are my inspiration..."

*Group Hug*

All: "You guys are my best friend."

PC: "Shh you guys! Here comes the owner!"

*Guy walks in, throws on some old jeans and a jersey, picks up a scruffy looking football and leaves.*

All: "WTF MAN?!"

PC: "Hey wait dude! ... You're porn is done downloading!"

ThanatosDMC3649d ago

HAHAHAH... that was great!

Silvia0073649d ago

Most entertaining thing I read all night.

PoSTedUP3649d ago

wow dog.... if only every fanboy can get a chance to read that man as funny as it may seem, your comment was incredible... for real man good job i give you madd props, each console has its ups and downs, just friggin play them... all three are good. "applause's your comment*

mrdxpr23649d ago

Nice i give u a 10 cause that was great... this has too be my favorite thread this month

ps3=hey guys what u doing

360=trying to call my friends on XBL

ps3=why trying shouldnt u be already talking to them

360= no i cant XBL is not working right now damn MS servers

ps3=wow well im conected to PSN right now talking to my friends

360= lucky @$$ (censored By MS)

ps3= I know im pissed tho all they talk about is how ps3 is better then 360 -_-

360=well is better then having little xboxs saying bad words like they just learned it.

ps3= i hear that 2

wii= hehe i dont get none of that

360,ps3= noo duu sherlock homes your online play is a joke

wii=u guys are mean i dont like u no more

PC=hahaha al of u are a joke i own u


PC= i hacked u B!tch3s

ps3= hahaha u tried but that error was a server error now u cant hack me

360=im gona play Gears 2 bootleg

wii=im gona play SSBB bootleg

PC=well 2/3 is not that bad

ps3= try and hack me u cant hahah

PC=dont worry i will one day u will see

micro_invader3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Yeah, I like your one better than the story link. Bubbles for you :)

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Raptors3649d ago

Boy oh boy lol When I read the title on this article all I could think about whats gonna happen in the open zone lol

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