Nioh 2 preview: Who needs Bloodborne 2 when you've got Team Ninja's bold sequel? - DAILYSTAR

Team Ninja is launching with Nioh 2 soon, and the Ninja Gaiden developers prove, once again, that it can make games just as good as From Software

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Thundercat771570d ago

I still need Bloodborne 2 despite NiOh 2 being this good.

1570d ago
Aghashie1570d ago

Clicked to say exactly that.

1570d ago
Vithar1570d ago

Love Nioh to death, but would stil LOVE Bloodborne 2 ( PS5 maybe? :)

waltyftm1570d ago

Me, i need Bloodborne 2 and Nioh 2.

shammgod1570d ago

Queue the "why not both" meme

MrSwankSinatra1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

im good nioh aint hittin for me

AriesBear1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Mmhmm. I played nioh and I was sitting here going "oh my God I can't believe how bad this is." It has this complicated just to be complicated feel vs tough but fair. It has none of the balance that any of the souls games have.

galmi1570d ago

maybe games like nioh just aint for you bro or you just suck at them