“Samurai Shodown” has just been selected as the main tournament title at EVO 2020

SNK CORPORATION CORPORATION (Corporate HQ: Suita-city, Osaka, Japan, Company President & CEO: Koichi Toyama) is pleased to announce that “SAMURAI SHODOWN”, SNK’s latest fighting game, has been chosen as a main tournament title at “Evolution Championship Series 2020” (EVO 2020) the world’s biggest fighting game tournament in Las Vegas, NV held during July 31st - Aug. 2nd 2020 (PST).

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AK91591d ago

Wow that’s amazing congrats SNK.

TGG_overlord591d ago

Tons of love and respect to them :3

AnubisG591d ago

That hardcore huh? I keep thinking I should pick this up.

TGG_overlord591d ago

You should ;) The ladies are waiting for you :3

AnubisG591d ago

Hahahaha, do they now?😄

TGG_overlord591d ago

In the US? I think it's 59,99 USD as the price is 549 or 599 Swedish Krona.

Godmars290591d ago

No, how much did SNK pay for the default advertising. Or does EVO go by some kind of voting system?

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