Sakurai admits that Smash Bros. Ultimate has too many Fire Emblem characters, too many sword users

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai returns in Famitsu this week with his bi-weekly column. Seeing as Byleth was recently added to the Switch game, Sakurai spoke about the new character – and also addressed some fan complaints that there are too many Fire Emblem characters and sword users.

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PhoenixUp831d ago

Byleth should’ve been saved for Fighter Pass 2 instead

Outlawzz831d ago

I like byleth. He's an interesting character but yea should have picked a different character.

Sono421831d ago

Honestly this outrage is so unjustified. Byleth plays like a unique character... what else could you ask for? The new Fire Emblem sold well, so clearly there are Byleth fans out there that probably wanted them in. Everyone complaining is just acting so entitled. Like yeah, we get it, it isn't who you wanted, no reason to keep making a fuss about it. Byleth was FAR from my first choice, not even in my top 10, heck probably even 20, but you don't see me complaining.

Concertoine831d ago

I bet at one point a different fighter was saved for the end of Fighter Pass 1, and Sakurai moved Byleth forward to this spot to subvert expectations and start the next Pass off strong. If they saved Byleth for the start of Fighter Pass 2 people would say "Yikes here come the filler characters, Fighter Pass 2 off to a bad start".

princejb134831d ago

i would love the chrono trigger hero to be in smash bros

ReVibe831d ago

But he's a ....SWORD USER!!! *points a shaking finger.*

Tross830d ago (Edited 830d ago )

I'm sure they can find a closeish Fire Emblem equivalent to him.

Bleucrunch831d ago

I love smash but Smash Ultimate is one BROKEN mess of a game.

Outlawzz831d ago

It's actually a lot more refined than the previous games. Wt is broken about it in your opinion ?

Bleucrunch830d ago

yeaaaaaaa it is not refined by any standards, too many OP characters, Too many characters that can spam endlessly.

The loading times in the game are HORRENDOUS

Blocking and Grabbing...sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

Don't let me get started on them up airs

Recovery or Recovering for characters is either OP or TERRIBLE either of which are BAD.

The online aspect is also broken with the same kinds of OP characters that have spamming abilities are the only ones generally used.

Some characters actually and basically have NO BUSINESS being in the game. For a game to have over 70 characters, why are around a dozen or so played and the others just ignored?

This game is not one I can take seriously at a tournament so I would not join one, waaaaaaay too unbalanced. If one is playing with saaaaay Bayoneta, you can basically spam her and win EVERY TIME.

Outlawzz828d ago

Bayonetta is one of the weaker characters in the game. It seems your not very aware of the technicalities of the game. In smash 4 she was op, not this time around.

Every character has been refined to have equal chance of winning. I know because I play as almost all characters and never feel disadvantaged.

You have to know the strengths and weaknesses of the characters. Now in regard to the online it does suck I'll admit that, and loading can be improved that has nothing to do with being broken.

ReVibe831d ago

I'm a swordphile and I agree that there's too many sharp sticks in Smash.

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