The Wonderful 101 Remaster's Kickstarter is the Most Pointless So Far

WTMG's Leo Faria: "Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that Platinum is unearthing The Wonderful 101 from the graveyard that is the Wii U’s library, especially because they’re planning to release it for PCs and PS4 as well. I just think the overall purpose of the crowdfunding project is too nonsensical, as the game itself is basically ready, and the company behind it has just received a massive financial investment from outside sources. A developer as trustworthy as Platinum could have easily earned a ton of cash without the need of a weirdly planned Kickstarter campaign."

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TheRealTedCruz239d ago

I mean, as a company, seeing an option of recieving both free publicity, as well as, essentially, getting your development costs covered, there's no real downside there.

Was it needed? No.
Is it smart? Most definitely.

thatguyhayat238d ago

This article is clearly against them using kickstarter im not sure why. Yes they did get a buckload of cash from tencent but did they ever think they could be using that to fund the games they have in development? And personally I'd prefer and always will, over a physical copy than a digital copy

akaFullMetal238d ago

Yeah I'd like to get a physical copy

luckytrouble238d ago

Imagine reading the Kickstarter FAQ that states the following:

1) This is a method of getting Platinum on the road to self publishing. They need to know it's a viable path for them.

2) There were specific stipulations surrounding the investment they received, and The Wonderful 101 Remaster did not fall within the bounds of the agreement, hence the reason for the Kickstarter.

Try doing even a modicum of research next time.

lptmg238d ago

This has been read and doesn't make us less skeptical of the proposal

luckytrouble238d ago

So you're presented with the truth and still prefer shoddy clickbait pseudo-journalism over accepting the truth of a company that has spent years struggling, having to sell their properties just to get published, finally seeing routes to achieve their dreams. Wow, this kind of blatant disrespect is just what everyone needed. Kudos or something.

Sono421238d ago

Not to mention how is it bad at all? If you back you get the game cheaper and possibly with perks if you want, and the game releases.. it's literally a win win, I already backed for the digital version.

wheresmymonkey238d ago

Kickstarter is a brilliant metric of how likely a project is to succeed. Nintendo probably wanted sone reassurance over handing them the rights to W101.

What better way to show its worth the effort than letting people basically preorder it and cover the porting costs.

ElementX238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

It's getting released in 2 months! They've obviously been working on it for quite a while. They won't get the money until the Kickstarter ends, and that's a month before release. Do you think they are actually using the money for the stated purpose? I don't believe it. You don't run a Kickstarter campaign a couple months before launch unless you have the product ready. They've had the money and the rights for a long time.

*EDIT* The whole thing just sounds sleazy, they're probably using the cash to fund their next game. Didn't they say they have 4 projects? Didn't people say they used MS Scalebound money for other games? They took money and were working on multiple things at the same time. They obviously can't manage their money, they always need funding

TK-66238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

I have to agree. Platinum is a studio with no shortage of successful games like Vanquish, Bayonetta, Nier: Automata and MGR to list a few. If they're unable to fund the development of ports for games that are years old I question the competence of the people running the studio.

I'm happy to see these games coming to more platforms, but the fact that a Kickstarter is needed to do so is questionable. It seems like an attention grabbing way of guaranteeing preorders.

wheresmymonkey238d ago

Yes, I do. The ports to the PC and PS4 aren't coming next month. They'll be out later in the year. Moreover Platinum isn't that big, or successful. They are critically lauded but their games rarely sell that well and they, generally speaking, work as a hired gun for big publishers who then take all the cash.
Bayonetta is only a series because Nintendo has helped to fund and publish the sequels and rest of the games they made, published by SEGA were seen as commercial failures.
The cash made on MGR and Nier went to Konami and Square.
So Kickstarter makes perfect sense they're a cash-strapped independent studio, headed by an industry heavyweight trying to fund a revival of a cult classic. Sounds like a-typical kickstarter gaming fodder to me.

NiteX238d ago

The game itself is only ready for the Switch. The PC and PS4 versions might be out at the end of the year.

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