Cliff Bleszinski Says He Made LawBreakers Too "Woke"

The designer says he wishes he just let the game speak for itself instead of pushing his own politics onto it.

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Tetsujin597d ago

He made a generic game when the market was already over saturated with the same type of game already. If you're going to make a "me too" type of game, at least bring something different to the table where the game is its own identity.

SLiSH83596d ago

If he brought something “new” it wouldn’t be a “me too” game 🙄

CrimsonPheonix596d ago

He understands that
The man is on twitter trying to explain to people that these headlines are not what he said but the clickbait wildfire has already spread too far.

TranceHop 597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

We desperately need Cliffy B to return to the Gears franchise. Gears 3 was a masterpiece and was the last true Gears game. I currently still play Gears 3 Multiplayer on my Xbox One X.

TheRealTedCruz597d ago

I disagree that 3 was the last great entry in the series, but I do agree his input would be far from a bad thing.

All that said, senior talent seem to slowly be exiting the company since their tencent deal, which I feel is telling on what may be going in behind closed doors. Might not be the best time to jump on board as a creative role.

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Zerobalance596d ago

No we do not need CB back at Xbox. Gears needs to go away for a long time. MS Have invent new games.

Jagosix596d ago

Why does Gears need to go away? It's a great game and franchise. New games are coming. Didn't you know? If you don't like it, THEN DON'T PLAY IT. Simple. Now enjoy your games that you do like and comment on them.

Darksonic22597d ago

I think the game was okay it just came at a very wrong time also Cliff just became a bit too egotistical, it felt like the company was always chasing a trend like Overwatch and then the Battle Royale game. They needed to create something original. I'm a bit gutted I paid full price for Lawbreakers but I had fun with it.

Blank597d ago

Wow signs of maturity from Cliffy B. So props to that and may he be an example of the “go woke, get broke” mantra. Artistic vision should not be compromised for a political agenda or pandering.

FunAndGun597d ago

Except when It panders to your view point.

AnubisG597d ago

Blank is 100% correct. No exceptions.

Blank597d ago

Luckily I let the artist display their viewpoints and If I don’t like it then I won’t support it. I had many certain entertainment IP pivot away from what made me love them. What do I do? I just move on, watch or play the old stuff while the new stuff is for the new audience they are aiming at.

Kabaneri597d ago

Name one game from the past 5 years that panders to right wing viewpoints.....

Nitrox597d ago

How about anything from the Call of Duty or Battlefield series? Lots of guns and American supremacy.

2pacalypsenow597d ago


What? lol You think COD and BF are right wing games?

I mean America has the best military in the world, so its a fact.

And having guns is not a right wing viewpoint, its part of being an American.

Kabaneri597d ago

America's military might is reality not opinion.
The left loves guns when their being used on their enemies i.e. the hype and marketing for Wolfenstein 2 and Far Cry 5.

BlackTar187596d ago


You, sir, don't even think about what you're saying apparently.

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Redemption-64596d ago

This game was never woke in any way shap or form. It came out at a bad time, looking to ride the battle royal wave and failed.

Also I find it interesting that, so many gamers always say give the devs the freedom to make the game they want, but as soon as said developer makes the game they want and say they want add diversity or inclusion, watch some of those same gamers lose their minds.

If devs want to make a game that is left leaning, let them, If they want to make a game right leaning, let them, it's their game, it's their money, you don't like, don't buy. No one is forcing you to play it, buy it or even look at it.

Redemption-64596d ago

hero shooter, how do you edit a comment, I am not getting an option for that

Blank596d ago

Your correct I did not buy it because it wasn’t vibing with me and I respected what they wanted and believed in. What really bothered me was that they were virtue signaling instead of bragging about the development chops I rather hear more about the dev kit they have somewhere instead of their proud prominent display of unisex bathrooms. I like my dev teams quiet and professional while letting their work speak for itself and any internal way they treat their staff will come back to us anyway, so yeah more chatting about game creation over politics please, thank you.

The_Sage596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

danoman... You can not edit after so many minutes. I think it's 15 but I'm not sure. Otherwise it's on the bottom next to the agree disagree options.

Redemption-64596d ago

Am sorry to say this, but your views are very short sighted. At the end of the day, all you are saying is for developers to stay quiet on political views you don't agree with. Tell me, do you know a significant amount of games have politics in them? Do you always complain about them? Let me guess, NO. Only the once you disagree with. Call of duty, Assassins creed, God of war, gears of war, infamous, halo, Persona 5, Titanfall, the Witcher, Mass Effect, Spiderman, Far-cry, Horizon, killzone, battlefield, Deus Ex, the division, hitman, anthem, bioshock and so much more all have politics in them, some games built on politics, hell look at dragon age, this game is filled with nothing but politics, since the very first game, gender, sexuality, slavery, inequality, corruption and more.

Devs should be free to speak their minds, just because you don't agree with them politically doesn't mean they should stay quiet to make you happy. I was born and raised in west Africa, a place that is very very conservative and will not tolerate any liberal ideas, such as marriage equality, abortion, gay rights or anything remotely close to transgender people. Hell in some parts you go to jail or get killed for being gay or even associated with one. But I have agrown to respect the political views of other people, I want developers to speak their mind and make games they want to make, I don't need to agree with them and don't have to. If their game appeals to me, I will buy and play it, if it doesn't I will move on. If their political views is influencing the game, go right ahead, make it and speak you mind. It might fail or succeed

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