How Metal Gear Solid 5 perfected the mouth-watering art of stealth & storytelling

Metal Gear Solid 5 may have become infamous at the time for the falling out between Kojima and Konami, but its legacy is one of quality and completeness.

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ArchangelMike61d ago

That's quite ironic, seeing as MGSV is also famous for not being a finished product. Konami pulled the plug before Kojima could finish all the chapters of the game.

2pacalypsenow61d ago

"but its legacy is one of quality and completeness."

Did I read that right?

Game wasn't even finished, it prob the worst of the main MGS games.

Christopher61d ago

Okay, when I saw that the article was sponsored, I didn't expect it to be a pizza place sponsorship. What a weird article overall.

PhoenixUp61d ago

Most of the story in MGSV was relegated to optional codec calls.

MGS1 & MGS3 had better storytelling methods

Z50161d ago

Peace Walker did the same and was great.

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The story is too old to be commented.