Details on "Zeebo" emerge

Engadget: "We recently caught wind of the Zeebo, a new 3G network-based gaming console that's supposedly launching soon in Brazil. Details were pretty hard to come by initially, but now we've gotten some more solid information on the upstart system. It turns out that manufacturer Tectoy is partnering up with cellular carrier Claro, whose 3G network will enable the system to have a constant, free-of-charge connection -- and Qualcomm, which holds a 43 percent ownership in the company. As far as specs are concerned, the Zeebo will apparently run on a BREW-based OS and house an ARM CPU running at 528MHz, with a Qualcomm Adreno 130 graphics core (?), 1GB NAND flash memory, 160MB RAM, 128MB DDR SDRAM and 32MB stacked DDR SDRAM. Marketed to the "growing middle class" of developing countries, the Zeebo will launch in Brazil, where its developers say the downloadable-content format should help combat rampant piracy. The cost of the system is expected to be 599BRL (about $264) with games costing between 7-30BRL (around $3-13). Hit the read links for more details."

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jaffa_cake3626d ago

well well well, this is the true next gen forget ps3 and xbox i am now a seebo fanboy will all zeebo fanboys stand up

psnDevistator3563625d ago

Poor kids in Brazil will get this and say what the F_UCK is this sh!t? Wheres my wii?

jaffa_cake3626d ago

cant wait for the video compare sites 360 v ps3 now 360, ps3 v zeebo the future is here when is this bad boy coming out in the uk?

jaffa_cake3626d ago

i've heard Microsoft are already buying up all the zeebo exclusives ?

Venomish3625d ago

that is a good one

DreamcastFanboy3625d ago

*Waits for someone to make a Zeebo Fanboy account*.

FantasyStar3625d ago

So unless it comes from the big 3: the Zeebo is automatic fail? What rubbish. Choke on your ignorance, fascists.

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The story is too old to be commented.