NZGamer: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

NZGamer writes: "Unfulfilled potential. Doesn't it suck? The original Killzone, released in 2004 for the PS2, left many PlayStation owners feeling gypped. There was, naturally, the fanatical (and wistful) desire to have PlayStation's answer to Halo, and Killzone, as an exclusive FPS title, promised to be a real challenger to Microsoft's behemoth. It was unfortunate then, that although the game was generally solid, Killzone lacked Halo's imaginative X-factor, floundered on a generally neglected online network, and was plagued by glitches that put the capabilities of the PS2 as its console of choice into question".

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LittleBigKillzone5184d ago

How good is this game? And is voice chat open mic or push to talk?

sonarus5184d ago

Very good i believe it is open talk for now but you can put yourself in a squad so you only hear members of your squad talking instead of the whole team

CEO OF N4G5184d ago

The beta is better than any other FPS online.If ur in the beta add me,psn id is jon_abobo.

AngryHippo5184d ago

....i have been in the beta for a while now and if you like fps's, you will really enjoy it. Its more tacticle than other fps's, pitty some people in the beta dont realise that and just run around like headless chickens lol. Just when you line up the perfect shot and then some idiot goes and stands right in front of you as you pull the trigger and then bam -3 points for teamkilling. lol. Other than that the game is great fun.

Marceles5184d ago

lol AngryHippo...I was just about to type that until I read your comment. And don't get me started on the medics...

ultimolu5184d ago


It'll look even more incredible now I have a new hdtv and put aside the Trinitron.

Lol, ancient T.V alright.

Playing MGS4 now but gotta play the beta again.

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zdudynot5184d ago

One word

joebahrjoebahr5184d ago

hope it beats call of duty 4. ps3's future depends on it.

silverchode5184d ago

the ps3 doesnt rely on one game to save unlike another console

remanutd555184d ago

i dont see how ps3 future depends on killzone2 , yes the game is AMAZING , and in my opinion better than cod4 , but i just dont see how ps3 future depends on killzone2 , heck i dont even consider killzone2 the most anticipated ps3 title in 09 , that goes to either GT5 or GOW3
psn id: remanutd5 if you wanna play killzone2 beta with me

Narutone665183d ago

My most anticipated PS3 game. I bought the PS3 with G25 steering wheel for GT5P and GT5 when in comes out hopefully by 2009.

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CEO OF N4G5184d ago

AngryHippo Thats true, but do u know u can put friendly fire off if ur creating ur own game.I did it and it worked perfect.

zdudynot Thats 4 words not one XD

DiabloRising5184d ago

GOTY contenders released earlier in the year typically get lost once the hype of the holiday rush hits at the end of the year sadly. The newer games and experience remain fresher in the minds of reviewers. I already fear MGS4 will succumb to such a thing sadly.

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